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Work / Life Issues

3 educational benefit offerings to consider

This year marks the first full one in a long time that many of your employees are budgeting for student loan repayments. It’s stressing them out and preventing them from pursuing further education, which hurts you as an employer.

Beyond perks: What Gen Z really wants from employers

In an era of AI and remote work, Gen Z is shocking employers by pushing for human connection in the workplace. The recent 2024 Career Interest Survey of over 10,000 Gen Z students across all 50 states provides valuable insights for HR professionals looking to attract and retain the next generation of workers.

Do your benefits line up with what employees want?

The 2024 Workplace Benefits Report from Bank of America offers valuable insights into employees’ evolving needs and expectations. As an HR professional, understanding these trends can help you craft a competitive benefits package that attracts and retains top talent.

IRS welcomes a new de minimis fringe benefit: Work/life referral services

Work/life balance means different things to different employees, but all employees say they want it and many employers are already providing some version of it. Rather than let you wander around in a payroll tax netherworld, the IRS has issued a fact sheet that covers the work/life referral services you may offer to employees as a tax-free de minimis fringe benefit.

Help employees build rainy-day funds by offering Pension-Linked Emergency Savings Accounts

The precarious financial situation in which many workers find themselves is often reflected in high levels of stress, poor sleep and general worry—all factors that can negatively affect productivity and job performance at work. Fortunately, there’s a potential solution that employers can make part of their benefits package.

It’s America Saves Week!

Let’s explore some of the financial wellness benefits employees say they want now. HR and Payroll should work together to offer the right mix of benefits to recruit and retain talented employees, with the correct tax outcome.

Explore benefits to help employees find, afford child day care

Quality child day care can be crushingly expensive. For many workers, employer assistance is a lifeline that lets them remain in the workforce instead of staying on the sidelines until their kids are old enough to go to school.

Consider adding fertility, adoption benefits

If you employ lots of young people, many of your staff members may be struggling with infertility or, instead of conceiving, thinking about adopting a child. Employers may be in a position to help by expanding their benefits portfolios—and reaping a retention reward along the way.

College is expensive. Here’s how you can help

Employees who paid off their student loans long ago are now helping their kids through college, and some are taking out second mortgages to do it. You can ease some of this burden by establishing a tax-free scholarship program for employees’ kids. A private letter ruling shows the way.

Recruiting: Offer work-from-home option, tout opportunities to advance

It’s tough to attract the best new hires if you can’t pay as much as larger employers can. However, you may have a couple competitive advantages big companies can’t offer: the option for employees to work remotely full-time and the promise of promotion opportunities.