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Work / Life Issues

Coronavirus drives shift in employer-provided benefits

The past year saw a significant increase in employer-offered telemedicine, paid and unpaid caregiver leave, tuition discounts and hazard pay, according to the WorldatWork association.

Employees flock to virtual health care during pandemic

Employee use of virtual health care has surged during the pandemic, with most employees giving the level of care high marks, according to a new survey by the Willis Towers Watson consulting firm.

Curb childless workers’ FFCRA resentment

Working parents can take as much as 12 weeks of partly paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. That’s causing resentment among employees who don’t have kids.

Benefits in a COVID world: 6 trends for 2021

As employees experience extraordinary uncertainty in the pandemic, they’re placing a higher value on their company-provided benefits—and they’re paying much more attention to the details of those perks. What does this mean for benefits in 2021?

‘A wake-up call on employee benefits’: COVID is driving more interest in open enrollment

While a vast majority of employees typically choose the same benefits year after year, that could be changing.

Consider offering benefits to help employees handle caregiving

Working parents aren’t the only employees who may have caregiving responsibilities. In response, some employers have beefed up existing benefits and created new ones.

Coronavirus driving open enrollment interest

New research from the MetLife insurance company suggests the coronavirus pandemic has left employees keenly interested in making smart choices about their benefits elections.

Report addresses when to claim Social Security

It’s a basic tenet of HR that directly providing financial advice to employees is an ethical no-no. However, there is nothing wrong with steering them toward resources that can help them make good decisions about their money.

Domestic abuse on the rise: How employers can respond

Joblessness, stress and close quarters during the covid crisis have led to higher incidences and severity of domestic violence cases.

Help your employees battle pandemic stress

Juggling personal and professional obligations has never been an easy task. The demands inflicted over the past few months due to the pandemic, however, have caused unprecedented challenges to this balancing act—especially for workers with kids.