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Work / Life Issues

Explore all childcare options to help working parents

With most public school systems announcing they will at least start the fall semester conducting virtual classes, many of your employees will soon face familiar hurdles. Possible solutions fall into three broad categories: flexibility at work, flexibility from work and caregiver support.

Next covid crisis: Lack of childcare for staff

To overcome the closed schools and lack of childcare openings, employers will have to use a multi-pronged approach.

Require childcare for WFHer? Expect backlash

Employers who don’t or can’t call everyone back to the office may want to review the childcare and school opening plans in their area and adjust their own accordingly.

Snapshot: Childcare issues could hinder return to work

Working parents worry about sending kids back to daycare when work reopens. Health and financial concerns may force many to stay home with children instead of working.

The next coronavirus crisis: No care for employees’ kids

As you get ready to bring employees back to your physical workplace, prepare for an unexpected impediment: Workers unable to return because they can’t find anyone to look after their children.

Pandemic perks: No-contact mobile refueling at work

Companies can come to your workplace and refuel employee or fleet cars on the spot.

Home, not work, is stressor for remote employees

Work is going just fine for most employees working from home this spring. It’s the “home” part of the equation that’s causing stress.

What if you open and employees won’t return?

Many workers currently sidelined because of the coronavirus pandemic are reluctant to return to work. Each group presents unique challenges for employers that want to get back to business.

Snapshot: Employers worry about access to childcare this summer

More than three-quarters of employers are concerned that lack of childcare will cause employees to miss work this summer.

Snapshot: What new benefits have employers introduced?

46% of employers surveyed say they offer new well-being benefits because of the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s a sampling of recently added perks.