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Work / Life Issues

4 keys to care for employees’ mental health and wellness

According to the nonprofit American Institute of Stress, work-related stress and associated absenteeism, diminished productivity and turnover cost employers at least $187 billion per year. To relieve employees’ stress and improve their mental health, try these tactics.

Poll: 70% say financial stress harms work performance

Seven in 10 workers surveyed by insurance company YuLife believe their own financial worries negatively affect their on-the-job performance.

Are your employees happy?

Tomorrow is Employee Appreciation Day! So it’s a good time to assess whether employees are happy. Not skipping down a rainbow happy, but happy at work and with their work. Maybe happy-ish would be a better description. If you want to know whether employees are happy, ask them.

CHIPS, employer-provided dependent care benefits and employees’ 1040s

The Commerce Department will be doling out $50 billion to construction and chip manufacturers. Catch: Applicants requesting more than $150 million in direct funding must provide their employees with access to affordable, accessible, reliable and high-quality child care.

Struggling to attract enough applicants? Consider adding child-care benefits to portfolio

Employers can support employees’ child-care needs in several ways.

Offer benefits that pay down student debt

Helping new hires pay off their student loans might be the recruiting advantage that makes you an employer of choice.

How to spot and prevent burnout

Everyone has a limit. When walking into work (or taking the few steps to the home office) becomes a challenge, your employees are probably on track to experience burnout. The ability to spot and—more importantly—prevent burnout can save great workers from absences or the pursuit of greener pastures.

Bill would ban caregiver discrimination

The Protecting Family Caregivers from Discrimination Act would prohibit employers from firing, demoting, mistreating, refusing to hire or taking other adverse employment action against workers who are caregivers for their loved ones.

Activate your approaches to mental health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports heightened stress and anxiety levels. Rather than wait for employees to reach out when problems are severe, HR can be proactive.

Employees less likely to quit when equity plans rise

There’s a new way to retain employees, according to research from Computershare, which reports that employees are far less likely to quit their jobs when they see their equity stake in their company represents a greater proportion of their total wealth.