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Work / Life Issues

Activate your approaches to mental health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports heightened stress and anxiety levels. Rather than wait for employees to reach out when problems are severe, HR can be proactive.

Employees less likely to quit when equity plans rise

There’s a new way to retain employees, according to research from Computershare, which reports that employees are far less likely to quit their jobs when they see their equity stake in their company represents a greater proportion of their total wealth.

Consider these health benefits in the wake of the Dobbs decision

Employers must carefully consider the impact of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling on their health and welfare benefits plans. Plan sponsors must review state law changes, prepare changes to their plan documents, consider travel and lodging benefits, and analyze privacy and safety concerns.

Help employees achieve financial health

With inflation at a 40-year high, market volatility and lingering pandemic aftershocks, now is a perfect time for HR leaders to help workers achieve long-term financial security.

Fashioning an education benefit

Many employers are desperate to retain workers already on their payrolls and attract new ones. Enhanced benefits that are “sticky” are one way to do so. By offering perks that are hard to replace elsewhere and enticing workers to stay put, employers hope to come out ahead of the competition.

Hot benefits trends for 2022 open enrollment

With open enrollment season once again upon us, employers are focused this fall on updating their benefits packages to attract and retain talent. A significant focus, driven by pandemic-related burnout and turnover: Providing benefits options that closely align with the individual needs of employees and their families.

Huge settlement highlights local law risks

Gone are the days when big verdicts or settlements were all the result of running afoul of federal laws. These days, employers also have to worry about increasingly aggressive state and local government agencies enforcing their own anti-discrimination laws and other employment ordinances.

Employ remote workers? Beware local rules

Before you hire a new remote worker or authorize current employees to telecommute, always verify the exact physical location where the employee intends to work. Then check to see if any state or local laws will affect the remote-working arrangement.

Employers adjusting comp, perks to meet labor shortage

Employers are paying employees more, giving increases at more frequent intervals, enhancing workplace flexibility and boosting training opportunities.

60% of employers helping staff manage financial stress

Six in 10 employers have taken action to help employees weather today’s turbulent economy, according to a July study of 401(k) participants by the Charles Schwab brokerage.