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Work / Life Issues

Pandemic perks: No-contact mobile refueling at work

Companies can come to your workplace and refuel employee or fleet cars on the spot.

Home, not work, is stressor for remote employees

Work is going just fine for most employees working from home this spring. It’s the “home” part of the equation that’s causing stress.

What if you open and employees won’t return?

Many workers currently sidelined because of the coronavirus pandemic are reluctant to return to work. Each group presents unique challenges for employers that want to get back to business.

Snapshot: Employers worry about access to childcare this summer

More than three-quarters of employers are concerned that lack of childcare will cause employees to miss work this summer.

Snapshot: What new benefits have employers introduced?

46% of employers surveyed say they offer new well-being benefits because of the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s a sampling of recently added perks.

Help employees cope with the new stress of working from home

With everything company leaders are facing, they might not have given much thought to the emotional well-being of their employees. That’s a big mistake, in both the short and long terms. Here are some tips from Stacey Engle of Fierce Conversations to help line managers and HR pros lessen the stress that remote employees may be feeling.

Consequences be damned! Most of us use flex benefits

Most white-collar workers take advantage of flexible work opportunities even though they worry it might harm their careers, according to a new study by the Deloitte consulting firm.

Our top financial worry: Unexpected medical bills

When it comes to family budget concerns, unexpected medical bills top Americans’ list of worries, with two-thirds (65%) of the public saying they are at least somewhat worried.

Work-life balance: The times they are a-changin’

The current trends of work-life balance, and what managers can do to accommodate.

Financial well-being benefits now more common

Seventy percent of companies currently offer financial well-being benefits and more than half of them intend to expand such offerings in 2020, according to a new study by the WorldatWork association and employee equity plan company Computershare.