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Labor Relations / Unions

DOL sets record for back pay recovered through enforcement

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division recovered a record $322 million in wages owed to workers in fiscal year 2019.

New NLRB standard on changes favors employers

The National Labor Relations Board has issued a favorable decision that makes it easier for employers to demonstrate that a unilateral change in terms and conditions of employment was permitted by the collective bargaining agreement.

Prepare for OSHA visit when labor is unhappy

Pay extra attention to safety when your company is going through labor unrest. Federal safety inspections tend to rise when employers are facing a strike, claims of unfair labor practices, union organizing or other labor problems.

Snapshot: Strikes spiked in 2018

Labor unions staged 20 major strikes in 2018, involving 485,000 workers.

Scalia confirmed as secretary of labor

Scalia takes over a Department of Labor facing several important employment law issues.

Scalia wins committee nod to become secretary of labor

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions voted Sept. 24 to approve the nomination of Eugene Scalia to succeed Alexander Acosta as secretary of labor.

Google settles NLRB ‘free speech’ policy case

The settlement agreement calls for the company to revise its policies to clarify that employees are not prohibited from discussing workplace issues.

Scalia formally nominated to head DOL, set for confirmation hearings

President Trump on Sept. 11 formally nominated employment law attorney Eugene Scalia to replace Alexander Acosta as Secretary of Labor.

Ensure arbitration meets NLRB standards

For several years, the NLRB has argued that some arbitration agreements violate the NLRA because they limit employees’ right to engage in concerted activity to improve working conditions. Now, the NLRB has eased its criticism of one popular arbitration condition: Mandatory arbitration.

Snapshot: How many Americans are union members?

2019 marks the second year in a row in which just 10% of Americans belong to a union.