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Labor Relations / Unions

Kids these days: ‘Here’s how much I get paid’

Talking about how much one earns used to be considered taboo both at work and in social settings. That’s changing.

NLRB flexes muscle with reinstatement order

The National Labor Relations Board, which enforces the National Labor Relations Act, is aggressively pursuing reinstatement as a remedy when it finds an employer has committed an unfair labor practice. That means more employers these days may have to take back workers they already fired. Ordering an employee’s reinstatement is an unusual step, but it could become more common.

A rebirth for unions? Grassroots victories and NLRB’s push create new labor risk

Only 10.3% of American workers belong to a union, and those numbers have fallen steadily over the past few decades. But organized labor has racked up some notable successes lately, often with just the local employees leading the way.

‘Don’t say pay’ policy violates federal labor law

Last month, a Kentucky fitness center went viral after a photo circulated of a breakroom wall notice that read, “Effective immediately, conversing about wages (both on and off duty) is strictly forbidden … If you are overheard speaking (or listening to!!) a conversation in which wages are discussed, you will receive disciplinary action.”

Is misclassification an unfair labor practice?

Employers struggling to correctly classify independent contractors already have to worry about complying with Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service rules. They may soon have to add the National Labor Relations Board to the list of federal agencies looking over their shoulders.

Lessons learned from Amazon’s big union loss

The big labor story of the year is that e-commerce giant Amazon has lost its multimillion-dollar fight to remain union-free. How Amazon lost that election carries lessons for employers eager to avoid a similar fate.

Busy six months for NLRB, handling more petitions, ULP charges

Between October 2021 and March 2022, the National Labor Relations Board processed 57% more union representation petitions than it did a year earlier.

Heed NLRA rules when discouraging unions

Organized labor is on a roll, with union elections making news everywhere from Amazon warehouses to John Deere factories to Starbucks coffee houses. The trend has employers wondering what they can do to thwart union organizing activities.

EFCA rises again in House bill, but will it survive conference?

Pro-union measures that were once part of the dreaded, never-enacted Employee Free Choice Act made it into the final version of the America COMPETES Act of 2022 that passed in the House of Representatives on Feb. 4.

Unionization: Avoid Amazon’s labor mistakes

Employers need to get up to speed now on how to respond to the threat of union organizing. Perhaps no organization provides better lessons on how not to respond than retail giant Amazon.