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Labor Relations / Unions

Lowry tapped for DOL post overseeing veterans employment

The Trump administration has nominated John Lowry to become assistant labor secretary for veterans employment and training.

Ring confirmed for NLRB, is immediately appointed chair

The Senate confirmed employment lawyer John Ring to fill the last remaining vacancy on the National labor Relations Board. The next morning, President Trump announced Ring would become chair of the NLRB. Republicans again hold a 3-2 majority on the board.

Unfair labor practices can result in union win even if employees voted union down

Facing a push for unionization? Be careful! If you aggressively resist efforts to unionize and end up committing an unfair labor practice in the process, you may end up with a union workplace, even if employees vote down the union.

Spending bill makes it illegal to confiscate employees’ tips

Employers won’t be allowed to pocket employees’ tips under the Department of Labor’s controversial proposed tip pooling rule now that President Trump has signed stop-gap spending legislation.

White House’s 2019 budget tips administration’s labor policy priorities

While the proposed 2019 budget is needed to fund higher spending for the military, as well as to pay for the construction of a border wall and infrastructure repairs, there were few surprises in the FY2019 budget plan for cutting the budgets of federal labor and employment agencies.

McDonald’s, EEOC to settle major joint employer lawsuit

McDonald’s reports that it has negotiated a settlement with the National Labor Relations Board in a long-running lawsuit that alleged the fast-food giant was as liable as a joint employer when its franchisees engaged in unfair labor practices.

Take care when responding to union résumé


Here’s a warning about turning down an applicant who lists union memberships or otherwise indicated union support on his employment application. Refusing to interview him or turning him down for a job he is qualified to do may backfire.

NLRB rules: Unions may try to organize employees in nonwork areas


In December 2017, the National Labor Relations Board handed down a decision that changed the test for determining whether employers have engaged in unfair labor practices.

Labor alleges H-2A visa violations


The Department of Labor has filed suit against a northern Washington berry farm for violating the labor provisions of the H-2A visa program by favoring foreign workers over an eligible U.S. citizen who wanted a job.

Reagan tapped for DOL Hall of Fame


The U.S. Department of Labor on March 1 named the newest honoree in its Labor Hall of Fame: former President Ronald Reagan.