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Labor Relations / Unions

With Emanuel confirmed, NLRB now at full strength

The Senate voted Sept. 25 to confirm the nomination of William Emanuel to fill the final seat on the National Labor Relations Board, giving Republicans a 3-2 majority that is likely to hold until at least 2020.

Outgoing NLRB chair Miscimarra promises busy fall for rulings

Expect a flurry of activity from the National Labor Relations Board in the run up to the departure of chair Philip Miscimarra.

Employer alert: Support for unions growing

Pro-labor movements like the Service Employees International Union-backed “Fight for $15” campaign and the AFL-CIO’s “Union Yes!” advertising blitz are influencing public opinion, according to a recent Gallup poll that shows increasing support for unions.

DOL budget dodges Senate cuts; House budget takes axe to NLRB

The Department of Labor’s FY 2018 budget won’t suffer deep cuts if Senate Republicans have their way. But the Rules Committee approved an array of amendments designed to weaken the National Labor Relations Board and several pro-employee measures.

Canada seeks to outlaw U.S. right-to-work legislation

Canada is pressuring U.S. trade representatives to override state right-to-work statutes as part of a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement.

EEO-1 form pay data scrapped

The Trump administration is pumping the brakes on a new EEO-1 form that would have required employers to report aggregate information on how much they pay workers, broken down by gender, race and ethnicity.

‘How are things going?’ triggers new union election

Eight years of an Obama-era Democratic majority at the National Labor Relations Board have brought about some counterintuitive decisions and pro-union outcomes. One of the latest is Mek Arden, LLC d/b/a Arden Post Acute Rehab (365 NLRB No. 109, 2017).

Disabled vet nominated to fill EEOC vacancy

President Trump has nominated disabled Iraq War veteran Daniel Gade to serve on the EEOC.

Federal contractors: Dust off government shutdown plans

It’s that time of year again: With the threat of a government shutdown looming Sept. 30, HR pros working for federal government contractors should pull out their contingency plans for temporarily furloughing employees who do work for Uncle Sam.

Miscimarra to step down from NLRB

National Labor Relations Board Chair  Philip Miscimarra says he won’t seek reappointment to the board when his term expires in December.