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New year, new laws: Update your compliance!

States have new laws about human trafficking reporting, hair discrimination, family leave, wage transparency, artificial intelligence and surveillance.

Change your passwords—again

’Tis hacking season, but it’s always hacking season now. You can repeat password mantras until you’re blue in the face—don’t use the same ones, change them regularly—but employees will use the same ones and won’t change them regularly, because they’re human. Allow employees to choose their passwords, with clear guidance.

Are you missing the best candidates? Defeat the robots

Given the ease of online portals, posting a job opening online is easy and inexpensive. But a survey by Preptel, a job search firm, revealed that well over half of résumés submitted through a portal like Indeed or ZipRecruiter never make it to your desk.

7 ways to use social media to promote your business

Say what you want about the destructive effects of social media on attention, attitude and attrition, but LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok can promote a business of any size inexpensively and creatively to customers, potential employees and the fellow business community. Here are seven ways to lift the curtain shielding your business. You might be surprised by the applause.

Smile! Your business is on TikTok!

In an age when virtually every aspect of our lives is potentially captured on camera, employees uploading videos from the office was inevitable, especially if they belong to the “social media generation.” Your policies must encompass these infractions.

States and cities clamp down on AI

AI criticism includes claims that AI may build into their algorithms subtle forms of bias that adversely impact protected class subgroups instead of preventing discrimination. Think women, older applicants and persons of color. The concern is so great that state and local authorities are already passing laws or considering legislation that limits AI use.

Robots can work for you

Robots—that is, data-driven technologies or artificial intelligence—are probably already in your business, working for you. Here’s how to make them work harder and smarter.

Welcome to the metaverse

Six trends are driving the use of metaverse technologies and will continue to drive its use over the next three to five years, according to Gartner, Inc.—including employee onboarding.

Exploring AI to save time and increase efficiencies?

Imagine having an assistant who can handle the repetitive aspects of your HR team. Artificial intelligence (AI) can expedite routine tasks, leaving more time for addressing more significant issues and future planning. Here are three ways small companies are using AI to streamline their business.

Take care when adopting AI for use in HR

Artificial intelligence has become an indispensable HR tool. But like most tools, AI can be dangerous if it is not used properly.