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41% of workers believe generative AI will enhance their careers

The use of generative artificial intelligence has workers feeling optimistic about their skills and career prospects, research from recruiting firm Robert Half shows.

Beware bias claims if you use AI to screen applicants

If you use AI to screen applicants, watch out! The EEOC is primed to spot evidence of AI-caused discrimination.

5 things to know about the tech that’s transforming recruiting

The recruiting profession is in the midst of a transformative shift, driven by the impact of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation. That’s exciting news for recruiters and job-seekers alike, but a great deal of uncertainty remains. Here’s what’s important to know about the technology that is transforming recruiting.

Federal AI in employment legislation may be coming

The No Robot Bosses Act would prohibit employers from exclusively relying on AI when making hiring, promotion or other employment decisions. In addition, it would require periodic testing to prevent bias from influencing AI processes and built-in bias.

6 tips for writing a mobile phone policy for your workplace

Have you been tasked with writing mobile device workplace policies for your organization? If so, you need to know what and what not to include to ensure the policy is not only effective but also lenient enough that your staff will want to go along with it. Here are six useful tips for developing a cell phone policy that will improve productivity without sacrificing morale.

ChatGPT predicts the jobs it may one day replace

What jobs might generative artificial intelligence platform ChatGPT replace? The Challenger, Gray & Christmas outplacement firm went straight to the source and posed that very question to ChatGPT.

Which workers are most affected by AI—and who’s worried about it?

In the history of technological innovation, most breakthroughs have helped automate physical tasks, making it easier to perform time-consuming, strenuous and sometimes dangerous work. Artificial intelligence breaks that paradigm. AI is transforming work that relies on brainpower.

Monitoring: Beware fixating on productivity

Are supervisors asking to install tracking software on their remote employees’ computers and devices? They may be suffering from what Microsoft has termed “productivity paranoia.”

Only 5% of HR leaders report implementing generative AI

AI has clearly moved from “It’s the next big thing!” to “The future is now!” Perhaps not yet.

Ensure records-retention rule covers work files stored on employees’ personal devices

You probably have a policy that calls for disposing of records after a certain period of time. Having a routine protocol to shred, delete or burn documents helps control clutter and make it easier to locate documents you don’t dispose of. However, every employer needs another automatic rule that calls for retaining documents that may relate to legal matters that may arise.