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10% of workers will try to outwit AI tracking tools

We’re surprised the number isn’t higher! By 2023, more than one in 10 workers will seek to trick artificial intelligence systems employers use to measure employee behavior and productivity, according to new research by the Gartner business advisory firm.

4 ways coronavirus has changed work forever

Patterns are beginning to emerge as to what might be in store as the crisis winds down.

Caution when conducting virtual interviews

The same principles that have always guided your interviewing protocols apply in an online environment. However, just like in-person interviews, virtual interviews can trigger discrimination complaints. Follow these tips to avoid potential pitfalls.

Got Zoom fatigue? Here are 3 solutions to calm your brain

Daron Robertson, CEO of Bhive remote tech firm, says all that video time can lead to exhaustion because “with no direct eye contact your brain is working overtime to interpret others.”

Work from home: To track productivity or not?

For many employees and employers, the transition to remote work has been less than seamless. Employers—striving to maintain output under difficult circumstances—must balance business needs against human factors.

4 videoconferencing blunders to avoid

We’ve all quickly learned both the efficiencies and quirks of videoconferencing. But how are we personally perceived inside that medium? Keep these tips in mind so you come off better when accepting that next video invite.

Snapshot: Has the pandemic affected plans for spending on HR technology?

More than half of employers may change how much they spend on HR technology solutions in the wake of the coronavirus.

To Zoom or not to Zoom: Videoconference security issues addressed

Increasingly, organizations are turning to Zoom to enable the necessary videoconferencing capabilities that make recent shifts possible. But, is that the right move?

Ensure tech security for your remote staff

In response to the work-at-home surge triggered by the virus outbreak, the Department of Homeland Security has provided several tips.

HR and IT collaboration: The why and the how

The role of HR is expanding to the cloud and the Internet, as have most business activities. This requires HR and IT departments to work together on all levels to prevent activities that can jeopardize company security, prevent online harassment and avoid abuse of corporate internet privileges.