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HRIS / Technology

HR comm practices raise information security risks

Confidential employee information may be at risk because HR pros regularly use insecure technology to share it.

Worried automation kills jobs? Think again

In late 2017, the McKinsey Global Institute released a report estimating that automation could eliminate up to 73 million jobs in the U.S. by 2030. A growing chorus of skeptics is proclaiming: We don’t buy it!

5 apps to run meetings more efficiently

“We could have wrapped this meeting up with an email,” is a phrase often uttered by exasperated employees whose productivity has taken a hit after spending a part of their working day stuck in meetings. Here is a list of five apps that can assist with hosting a successful and productive one.

Find out if your website is accessible to the disabled; such lawsuits tripled in 2018

For employers, part of complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act involves making their workplace accessible to disabled customers. But if you serve the public online, the ADA also requires you to make changes to your virtual workplace.

A 2020 view of employee-benefit tech trends

Technology continues to put the power to manage benefits into employees’ hands. Here are three trends to watch for, according to a PlanSource, a cloud-based benefits administrator.

Can new software put more ‘human’ in HR?

The former head of Google’s HR function has launched a start-up aimed at recreating some of the success he drove at the search engine giant and bringing it to other HR departments.

Gig economy: 1% of workers get their assignments from an app

More than 1.5 million Americans work gig economy jobs in which their assignments come to them via computer or cell phone apps, according to new research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Transitioning from paper to electronic records: Nothing good comes from cutting corners

by Bobby Zaepfel The temptation to cut corners while migrating from paper to electronic documentation is the largest and most common pitfall for organizations. In 99.9% of cases, it’s not intentional. It’s all too easy to cut corners without even realizing it is happening. There are a multitude of variables to consider with a migration […]

Snapshot: Who is in charge of preparing workers for future tech?

Americans plan to be do-it-yourselfers as they prepare to gain the technical skills required for work in the future.

So you discover an employee is job hunting—Now what?

Say you’re searching an online résumé database and spot the résumé of one of your best employees. You wonder what to do with that new information. The answer: Tailor your approach to that employee, the reason he or she is searching and whether you actually want to retain the person …