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So you want to hire a disabled veteran

The EEOC has laid out specific steps employers may take to recruit and hire veterans with disabilities.

Are you missing the best candidates? Defeat the robots

Given the ease of online portals, posting a job opening online is easy and inexpensive. But a survey by Preptel, a job search firm, revealed that well over half of résumés submitted through a portal like Indeed or ZipRecruiter never make it to your desk.

Recruiting visa workers? Include a salary range

When requesting work visas from the federal government, employers know they must justify the move by showing they haven’t found American workers for open positions. But there’s no specific DOL requirement that job postings aimed at foreign recruits include salary ranges. That may mean that bringing those workers here may violate state and local wage transparency laws.

Hiring disabled workers? No time like the present

For disabled workers, the pandemic has been both a crisis and an opportunity—a crisis because so many suffer from disability-related morbidities that make getting infected very dangerous, and an opportunity because remote work flourished. Plus, the shortage of workers has meant more chances for disabled applicants to be hired than ever before.

Snapshot: Pay up and tell us all about it

Pay transparency is affecting recruiting. A strong majority (85%) stated that they are more likely to apply for a job whose listing included a salary range.

New pay transparency law invites huge pay ranges

A salary range of $0 to $2 million for a client service position at Citigroup is among the new, rather broad salary ranges appearing among New York City job openings after the implementation of a new salary transparency law in New York.

Leap hurdles to hiring veterans

November is National Veterans and Military Families Month, and DOL.gov offers resources for those seeking to hire veterans. Yet those with military experience still face hurdles in finding employment, despite skills and a work ethic second to none.

Tattoos no longer workplace taboo

Since the start of covid, a study shows that 60% of Americans think that the definition of what is deemed “professional” has changed, according to Bloomberg. And that includes tattoos.

Omitting salary in a job description

A hot debate in HR is whether to post a salary range in job descriptions. A growing number of local and state laws—California’s, for example—recently mandated it. But is it a good idea? If you ask prospective candidates, the answer is a resounding yes.

Snapshot: Lack of salary info irks job seekers

Almost a third of survey respondents report that lack of salary info in ads is their biggest frustration when job hunting.