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3 steps toward pay transparency for new hires

More employers seeking a recruiting advantage in today’s tight labor market have started advertising exactly how much they’re paying. It might be time for you to try that bold tactic, too.

How recruiting is changing

Competition to attract new employees has employers trying new tactics.

The disconnect between recruiters & managers is hurting your hiring process

Today’s labor shortage makes it critical that recruiters and hiring managers work seamlessly (and quickly) to identify top talent. But too often, a disconnect between these two groups is slowing the hiring process and swerving it off course, according to a new survey by the Talent Board.

Make it easier to hire by disclosing up front what you will pay

The Great Resignation remains in full swing, and that’s putting pressure on employers struggling to hire new workers, forcing them to revisit their compensation policies. Many employers are jumping aboard 2022’s hottest HR trend, stating at the very outset of the hiring process how much they will pay.

Purge these tired terms from your help wanted ads

Having a hard time attracting applicants? The problem might be the words you use in your job ads. According to a survey by Preply.com, a site that connects language learners with online tutors, 20% of job-seekers have decided not to apply because the jargon in an advertisement turned them off.

Should you take that worker back?

2022 may be the year of the boomerang employee.

Employers try new tactics to attract job candidates

When unemployment stood at 14.8% in April 2020, nobody imagined hiring would be HR’s greatest challenge just 20 months later. The sudden shift has employers seeking new ways to attract new employees. According to a recent analysis of 40,000 online job sources by the Conference Board, two tactics are gaining favor.

Marketing ninja? Vibe coordinator? Applicants reject hipster job titles

The past decade has seen employers use more creativity in job titles to help their job ads stand out: data wrangler … marketing magician … happiness ambassador. But unconventional titles can create confusion about the duties, salary or required skills.

Talent war driving big pay raises for 2022

With record numbers of employees quitting their jobs in 2021, HR pros are fighting a fierce battle to attract and retain top talent as the calendar flips to 2022. The most powerful weapon in their arsenal: higher pay.

Be sure to track who you didn’t hire, too

If the same person who made a hiring decision, knowing the candidate belonged to a protected class, also makes the firing decision, it’s almost impossible for the former employee to sue and argue she was terminated because of discrimination. But to succeed in court, you must be able to describe the applicants you did not hire.