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Ban criminal history queries on applications

It’s time to reconsider your practice of asking potential employees about their criminal record histories. That’s especially true if you ask the question upfront, on your application or before you have even reviewed candidates’ other qualifications.

Apprenticeship rule announced, plus millions in program support

The U.S. Department of Labor on June 24 announced a proposed rule “to advance the development of high-quality, industry-recognized apprenticeship programs.”

Kardashian, Trump urge employment opportunities for former inmates

Celebrity Kim Kardashian West visited the White House June 13 to join President Trump in announcing that the administration is “taking crucial steps” to encourage employers to hire former inmates.

Document promotion process to show you chose the best

Employers that follow their own rules and maintain accurate and complete records of their promotion decisions generally win failure-to-promote cases.

Dismissal came with warning: No more frivolous suits!

Good news for employers: More courts are moving swiftly to toss out frivolous lawsuits before their target is even served with the legal paperwork.

Biggest hiring challenge: Getting applicants’ attention

Recruiting is no walk in the park, according to new research from the Robert Half staffing firm.

Blue-collar jobs now harder to fill than white-collar jobs

A new analysis by the Conference Board business research group forecasts that blue-collar labor shortages will continue throughout 2019 and beyond.

Cold feet: 28% have reneged after accepting job offers

Employers take note: The hiring process doesn’t necessarily end when a candidate accepts the offer, new research from global staffing firm Robert Half shows.

Class of 2019: Chances of getting hired are excellent

The members of the class of 2019 are graduating into a job market that’s eager to employ them.

Snapshot: ‘Boomerang’ employees make a comeback

In a tight labor market, employers are increasingly open to hiring their former employees.