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McDonald’s event sought 50,000 new hires in 1 day

Fast-food mega-giant McDonald’s wanted to hire 50,000 employees in April—so it hosted a national, one-day “event” at which franchise managers all over the country met and interviewed candidates. The massive onboarding will increase employment by 7% at the company and its 14,000 restaurants nationwide.

What will you decide: keep or drop employee health benefits?

Most employers are not considering canceling health benefits as a result of the year-old health care reform law, according to two recent surveys. The Affordable Care Act may be politically unpopular, but employers assume that it will be a business fact of life for the foreseeable future.

How to improve the job candidate experience

How would you grade your organization’s application process? Tracking the candidate experience can improve it and enhance your organization’s HR brand among potential applicants. First step: Solicit feedback from candidates about their experiences with recruiting, application, interviewing and web site interaction.

Richardson to gain jobs thanks to Texas Enterprise Fund

Texas is investing $2.45 million to bring 434 jobs to Richardson, as part of the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF), a program designed to attract new businesses to set up shop in the state and create new jobs.

Deloitte staff recruits grads through volunteer work


Deloitte managers are getting to know potential new hires far away from the interview table. For the fourth time, the financial consulting firm teamed with United Way and Teach For America this spring to host an “alternative spring break,” a program for college students to volunteer alongside Deloitte employees.

Power company fires up ‘Troops to Energy Jobs’ pilot


Dominion Power has started a two-year pilot program to identify, recruit and train military veterans to work in the energy industry. “Troops to Energy Jobs” is part of the national Center for Energy Work­force Development, which involves five power companies around the country.

Benchmark your career site against the Top 25

A new CareerXroads study identifies the top 5% of Fortune 500 companies that use their web sites to target, engage, inform and respect the privacy of job candidates. Find links to every site here.

What’s wrong with this picture? Spot the HR problems in this vintage ad

It was a different world in the 1860s. Work was dangerous. Pay was low. News spread slowly. Oh, and HR apparently didn’t have much say in the recruitment process. See how many employment law violations you can spot in this ad seeking riders for the Pony Express.

Benchmark your web site’s recruiting page against the Top 25


What are the best practices for the “careers” page on your web site? One good strategy for small and mid-size employers is to take a peek at what their big brothers are doing. Here are those top 25 companies and links to their careers pages …

What’s wrong with this picture? You be the judge

How many contemporary employment law violations can you spot in this 1860s ad for the Pony Express?