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HR pros want threat management training

According to a new study, 75% said that due to failing to notify their department in advance, violence occurred when an employee was furloughed or fired. This is why almost all human resources executives say behavioral threat assessment or threat management training is essential for their job.

DEI training doesn’t have to break the bank

In many cases, smaller companies can create their own instructions in their employee handbooks or group sessions.

Judge: Florida’s ‘anti-woke’ law can’t limit DEI training

A federal judge has blocked Florida from enforcing part of a new state law that aimed to limit workplace anti-discrimination training.

DOL offers online training on prevailing-wage compliance

Complying with prevailing-wage regulations can be tricky. To make it easier, the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division is conducting two free online seminars.

Prepare to comply with ‘anti-woke’ restrictions

Some states are planning to or have already banned training programs that they believe cast blame (and shame) on some workers while portraying other workers as victims.

Training is key to retention, especially for people of color

Fifty-eight percent of employees surveyed said they are likely to leave their company unless they receive training and education opportunities to develop new skills, stay up to date on current trends and drive career advancement. This likelihood to leave holds especially true among people of color.

Snapshot: How employers support professional development

About 80% of employers provide formal training so employees can develop work-related skills. Many also offer these programs.

Retain staff by covering training, certifications

Facing a vise-tight labor market, employers are pulling out all the stops to retain top talent. One increasingly popular and affordable tool is to cover or offset employees’ costs for their professional training and certifications.

Hybrid work demands better management skills

In a new survey by the Association for Talent Development, 47% of employers said they expect they will continue to use hybrid work schedules five years from now to the same extent they do now—and 34% expect greater use of hybrid work arrangements.

Finance training produces better retirement investors

Employees who participate in financial wellness webinars are more likely to adjust contributions to their 401(k) funds, according to new research by the Employee Benefits Research Institute.