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Strategic Planning

How assertive are you? 18 questions test your ability to be positively persuasive

Giving employees critical feedback, negotiating with vendors, sticking up for your people (or your budget)—they’re all communications situations that require a certain amount of assertiveness. These 18 questions can help you pinpoint areas of weakness in your ability to express yourself. Use your results to figure out where you can improve.

Succession: It’s time to plan for the inevitable exodus of older workers

Employers nationwide are facing a potential succession crisis. With the unemployment rate hovering near a 50-year low of 3.7%, it’s difficult to hire new employees to replace older staff who are leaving the workforce. Employers need to plan now for how to replace the expertise older workers have acquired.

Reporting HR results: Link initiatives to financial impact

If you’re drafting your department’s goals for 2024 or starting to put together an annual report on this year’s progress, it’s not enough to explain what you did. That won’t cement your role as a strategic partner in your organization. For the top brass to know exactly how valuable HR’s contributions have been, they need to know the financial impact of your initiatives.

Boost productivity & retention with a formal job-rotation plan

A formal rotation plan can teach new skills, increase employee engagement and provide career paths for stagnated top performers who’ve outgrown their positions.

Smart strategies for surviving this fall’s open enrollment

Open enrollment for health insurance benefits is an inevitable autumn ritual that can cause great stress for HR and for your employees. It usually comes at the busiest time of the year, when HR pros—along with everyone else—are tending to year-end deadlines. Smooth the process by planning now to implement these strategies.

Lessons from Walmart workplace killings

What can other employers learn from this latest episode of workplace violence, and how can they improve their prevention programs?

Snapshot: Employers brace for harder economic times

Amid growing concern about a U.S. recession, some employers have begun tightening their belts.

Pace of workplace change to increase in next 5 years

Two-thirds of organizations expect the number of change initiatives to increase in the next five years, yet only half provide change management training to employees, according to new research by the Association for Talent Development, which represents the training and development profession.

How we created employee ‘communities’ to build life skills

Wayne H. Perry started Cornerstone Village to gather his employees who share common interests and life goals through the formation of five distinct communities within the company: financial literacy, real estate, humanitarianism, entrepreneurship and health/wellness.

How to undo your WFH arrangements: 4 steps

If your organization is preparing to call employees back into the workplace after a 15-month work-from-home COVID hiatus, it’s important to be aware of the potential legal risks. That includes dealing with workers who want to stay remote, either as a preference or as a legal accommodation.