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Strategic Planning

Weed out costly workers’ comp classification errors


Insurers incorrectly calculate workers’ compensation premiums for 30 to 40 percent of employers. You can help slash premium costs, and become a hero to your CEO, by knowing what mistakes to look for …

Moving your health care costs to health care assets


Corporate America continues to register alarm over unrelenting health care cost growth. If not restrained, health care costs will significantly affect every firm’s profitability and competitiveness …

Plan ahead for the pandemic flu threat


Whether it’s bird flu or a more general flu pandemic, experts say some type of global flu outbreak is inevitable in the coming years that could kill 2 million Americans. The federal government is encouraging employers to create contingency plans …

On-Site RN Saves Time, Expense


SRA International Inc. in Fairfax, Va., provides an on-site RN whom employees and their families may visit or call with all kinds of medical and wellness issues …

Trim health insurance costs by identifying duplicate coverage


If you’re not doing so already, take steps to discourage employees and dependents from holding duplicate health coverage …

Get the troops on board

In a recent survey, nearly half the workers responding felt their organization had failed to provide clearly defined goals for their jobs. To help your employees get back into the game, Joanne G. Sujansky offers this advice to create a goal-oriented culture.

Play it smart by aligning yourself with the CFO


Corporate pressures now call for closer ties between HR and top finance. Winning the CFO as an ally can help earn funding for HR projects, and your strategy smarts will draw attention. Take steps to cultivate the relationships and learn the numbers he or she thrives on …

Use-It-or-Lose-It Sick Leave Pushes Absence Costs Higher


Employers’ costs for last-minute no-show employees continue to climb. A recent CCH survey found that the average per-employee cost of unscheduled absences rose to $660 per employee in 2005, up from $610 in 2004 …

New CDC resources help you plan for potential flu pandemic


If the avian flu currently circulating in chicken flocks in Asia mutates into a highly contagious human form, the consequences could be catastrophic. The Centers for Disease Control is urging private businesses to establish contingency plans …

Look to states, not Congress, for radical health care changes


Employers and consumers alike have been wrestling with skyrocketing health care costs, with no end in sight. And while Congress has talked much about reforming the system, it’s been spinning its wheels for years. The same can’t be said for state legislatures, where lawmakers are actively passing laws to make coverage more affordable …