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Strategic Planning

Pitch your great ideas by brushing off the naysayers

Issue: Winning over the higher-ups with your ideas is a key component to success.
Risk: “Negative Nellies” in your workplace can kill your best ideas unless you’re prepared to fend …

Prepare for a bigger role in Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Issue: Sarbanes-Oxley’s focus on HR requires you to do more to help your organization comply.
Benefit: Helping your organization meet SarbOx mandates enhances your role as a strategic partner.

Brace for higher state minimum wages

Currently, 17 states set minimum wages above the $5.15 federal minimum and you can expect that number to rise. Two key reasons: The increasing pain at the gas pump and expected …

5 ways to earn immediate respect for HR

Issue: How to make senior execs view you as a bottom-line contributor, not a “necessary evil” in your organization.
Benefit: Gain respect and build evidence for your next pay-raise negotiation. …

Shape your in-house image by creating an HR ‘brand’

Issue: Take control of your department’s image by creating a consistent internal marketing message.
Benefit: When done well, such branding raises your profile with execs and the rank and file, …

Benchmark your recruiting site: 4 questions to ask

Issue: Your Web site’s “Career” page is the first (or only) experience that many potential applicants have with your organization.
Risk: Blow this opportunity, as many do, and those star …

Raise campus visibility to attract better grads, interns

Issue: Becoming more involved in a local college’s career programs, beyond attending job fairs and posting openings.
Risk: Your organization can morph itself into an employer of choice for interns …

Courts require you to adapt technology for disabled staff

The world of disability accommodation is complex. New adaptive technologies hit the market every day. How can employers keep up?
The answer varies depending on your organization’s resources. Large companies, …

Should you offer a phased-retirement program?

Issue: New government rules will let older employees work part time while receiving some of their pension benefits.
Benefit/risk: That could help you retain older employees but may heap large …

Apply now for a ‘dot-jobs’ recruiting Web address

To help streamline your recruiting process, your organization can now apply for an Internet address that ends in “.jobs.” The jobs domain was approved earlier this year and will be up …