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Strategic Planning

Quit guessing at training ROI: Use this simple formula instead

Employee training represents an act of faith for many organizations. They know it’s important, but few can quantify the return on investment. Still, HR is pushed to prove that training pays off. Use this formula to prove to senior managers which training produces results and which doesn’t.

How do you usually convince executives to heed your HR advice?

Economic rationales and the fear of being sued tend to get executives’ attention.

Supreme Court asked to fast-track decision on health reform law

The Obama administration has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act health care reform law—the administration’s hallmark domestic legislative achievement—paving the way for a fast-tracked decision that, regardless of which way it goes, will affect HR professionals for years to come.

Advancing your HR career: 7 truths to live by


“If I had known I was going to be in HR so long, I would have started to get serious about the profession sooner.” Noted HR expert Michael R. Losey says he’s heard this story a number of times. His advice: Get serious about your career now, before it’s too late.

HR’s smartest move: Align with the CFO


Corporate pressures now call for closer ties between HR and top finance. Winning the CFO as an ally can help earn funding for HR projects, and your strategy smarts will draw attention. Take steps to cultivate the relationships and learn the numbers he or she thrives on.

HR strategies: Focus on essentials during tough times


A recession has a way of changing the way businesses do business. HR is no exception. Here are three back-to-basics strategies for HR pros to consider as organizations permanently adopt the cost- and time-effective strategies they have embraced out of necessity over the past couple of years.

Upside of the downturn: How HR can help weather the ongoing slump


HR pros have an important role to play in helping their companies weather the economic downturn. Whether sitting in on C-Suite meetings, offering one-on-one counsel to decision-makers or training employees, you need to know about the strategies successful companies use to survive and thrive in tough economic times.

Secrets of a CEO: 10 things HR needs to know


Ever wonder what your CEO is thinking and what he or she wants from you? Sue Meisinger, a consultant and former CEO of SHRM, has sat on both sides of the CEO/HR fence. Meisinger cites 10 things your CEO will likely never say to you, but you need to understand:

5 ways to get your execs and managers to love HR!


If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard an executive complain about HR. Why the bad rap? Is it deserved? What’s more, how does HR change it? HR professionals can build positive relationships with the C-Suite and management by following these five steps.

Build a bonus plan for an economy on the mend


After two years of painful payroll reductions, some employers are considering pay raises. In many organizations, pay hikes will come in the form of variable compensation plans. Experts say these two tactics can help HR pros create variable pay plans that strike a balance between risk, reward and fiscal stability.