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Strategic Planning

Health insurance under new rules: Will you pay or play?


President Obama’s re-election ensured that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health care reform law will remain in effect. That means the nature of health insurance benefits will change dramatically by 2014, and HR executives have some huge decisions to make about their options.

Tout your successes in an annual HR report


Midsize employers can benefit by following the lead of large HR departments, colleges and government agencies that create annual reports detailing HR’s goals and accomplishments. Use these seven tips to produce reports that increase HR’s influence.

Lesson of Hurricane Sandy: It’s time to update your crisis-management plan

Hurricane Sandy is a powerful reminder: Natural (and man-made) disasters can threaten at any time. Smart employers make contingency plans so they can stay up and running even when normal work operations are disrupted. Here are eight key pieces to a crisis-management plan, which you can coordinate with the appropriate departments.

‘Flex’ benefits business, not just employees

Flex is becoming as coveted by businesses as it is by employees. Organizations, it seems, need as much flexibility when it comes to staffing as employees do when it comes to balancing work with personal commitments. Here are seven ways your organi­zation can benefit as much as its employees do from offering time-and-place flexibility.

Half of firms delaying decisions until after election

Is your organization putting off major decisions—whether to add or reduce staff, make a major investment, etc.—until after the Nov. 6 election? If so, you’re not alone.

Plug in: Making the leap to electronic HR records

Many employers are making the leap to “paperless” HR. Digital records are easy to access and cheap to archive. But despite the many benefits of electronic records storage, a host of legal problems could derail even the best-intentioned digital records plan. Here are the issues to consider before you make the transition.

ACA upheld, HR’s compliance scramble begins

If you took a wait-and-see approach to implementing health benefit changes until the Supreme Court ruled on the health care reform law, it’s time to kick your planning into high gear. Several short-term deadlines are approaching that require HR’s immediate attention, and significant milestones loom in 2013 and 2014.

After Supreme Court’s ACA ruling, 5 strategic steps to take

Now that the Supreme Court has up­­held the Affordable Care Act, it’s time to weigh the strategic impact on your organization. Take these five steps to clarify decisions you need to make between now and 2014.

Staff, applicants lack needed skills? 6 ways to close the gap

Nearly one-third of employers say they can’t find qualified candidates to fill their open jobs, up from 24% a year ago, according to CareerBuilder. Here are six ways employers are addressing the post-recession skills shortage:

How to Establish an Employee Mentoring Program

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