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The HR I.Q. Test: February ’21

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

Using emojis in the workplace: A terrible idea?

There’s a clear generational divide over whether it’s appropriate to use emojis in work communication.

5 issues HR leaders must confront in 2021

As HR leaders continue to address organizational changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Gartner business advisory firm has identified five future-of-work decisions HR must tackle this year.

Biden to issue freeze on latest Trump HR regs

President-elect Joe Biden plans to act fast to pump the brakes on last-minute Trump administration regulations affecting HR.

The HR I.Q. Test: January ’21

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

Lessons from America’s worst employers of 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot about ourselves and fellow Americans. These lessons also extend to the workplace.

The HR I.Q. Test: December ’20

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

Ask smart questions when negotiating

A negotiation isn’t an argument—or it shouldn’t be. Whether you’re trying to hammer out a deal with a job candidate, a customer, or your own boss, try using these simple strategies to clarify what you both want so you can come to a mutually satisfying agreement.

2021 crystal ball: HR trends to prepare for

While there’s light on the COVID horizon, uncertainty won’t be tossed out with the 2020 calendar. In the coming year, HR departments will need to continue to adapt to changing health, economic and social conditions. Here are seven key trends to prepare for.

New work to require critical thinking, stress tolerance

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating an evolution in the kinds of skills in-demand workers bring to potential employers, according to new research by the World Economic Forum.