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Contrary to popular belief, most Gen Zers like their jobs

Often criticized for being apathetic or even hostile to the idea of working for a living, members of Generation Z may be getting a bad rap. In fact, a new survey by ResumeBuilder.com found that most young employees actually like their jobs.

Even a 15-second presentation demands these basics

Never take any moment in the spotlight for granted, even if it’s just to stand up and say your name, where you work and a favorite hobby in order to introduce yourself at a public gathering. This is a moment that shapes the way people perceive you; don’t let it get away from you! Always consider these essentials.

Plan unforgettable team-building events

Team-building events can be a hit or a miss. If you ask colleagues about their experiences with such activities, you’re bound to get mixed responses. Team-building can be fun, engaging and beneficial, but poor planning and lackluster ideas are often the downfall of what could have been extraordinary. Here are some options to consider across the country for your next team-building event.

Ask your lawyer: Does California’s pay-data law apply to us?

Hundreds of HR-related state and local laws have a long reach that affects employers with even the slightest connection to the jurisdiction where they originated. You might have to comply if you have just one remote employee working there.

Learn from Glassdoor’s ‘best places’ winners

In today’s tight labor market, it seems like every employer is vying to hire from the same shrinking pool of potential employees. Yet some organizations have become known as employers of choice, with reputations built on rankings that recognize generous benefits, enlightened management and exemplary corporate cultures. To become known as a best place to work, cultivate these attributes.

What’s so great about working from home? Well, for starters, the bathrooms

A quarter of the workers responding to a recent poll said they would rather change jobs than return to the office full-time. The inquiring minds at Jobera.com, which connects jobseekers with remote-employment opportunities, asked 3,000 workers: What’s the big deal about working from home?

8 steps to becoming the manager your employees need

In an effort to “empower” their staffs, too many managers take a completely hands-off approach, leaving employees alone unless they really need help. But this can create a rudderless ship, says management expert Bruce Tulgan. That’s not leadership! Here’s how effective managers provide genuine support to their employees.

Are you burning out? 25 questions to gauge your mental state

In the middle of winter, with the holidays a distant memory and spring still months away, motivation begins to flag. It’s the time of year when the seasonal blues can turn into a full-blown job meltdown. Take this self-assessment find out if you’re edging toward the crispy end of the burnout scale.

How assertive are you? 18 questions test your ability to be positively persuasive

Giving employees critical feedback, negotiating with vendors, sticking up for your people (or your budget)—they’re all communications situations that require a certain amount of assertiveness. These 18 questions can help you pinpoint areas of weakness in your ability to express yourself. Use your results to figure out where you can improve.

6 terrible ways to start your day

How you spend the first 10 minutes of your workday can make or break your productivity the entire day. Here’s what you should avoid.