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The HR I.Q. Test: August ’21

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

Return to work brings challenge, opportunity

Here’s a shocking survey result: When remote workers were asked whether they wanted to return to their pre-pandemic workplaces rather than continue to telework, almost 40% said they would rather quit than resume their commute to the old office. The percentage is even higher for millennials and members of Generation Z.

Use negotiation skills to ease return to work

To frame conversations about returning to in-person work, take your cue from negotiation experts. Andres Lares, managing partner at Shapiro Negotiations Institute in Baltimore, advises the following approach.

COVID changed networking forever: 6 ways to take advantage

A full 90% of global professionals believe the pandemic damaged their opportunities for networking, says a new survey by the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education. Here are six tips from CEMS on forging post-pandemic networks.

5 skills every future HR leader must possess—and pass along

Only 35% of current executives surveyed believe that future chief people officers are getting the development they will need in an era in which most jobs have not yet been created. Here’s a look at five attributes current HR executives say tomorrow’s leaders will need.

Developing female talent is most critical leadership issue

As the country recovers from both the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic downturn, an overwhelming majority of business leaders say developing women is their most important leadership challenge.

The HR I.Q. Test: July ’21

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

Facilitation is one of HR’s core competencies

Of all the skills HR professionals need, facilitation may be one of the most important—and the most misunderstood.

Employees are back … now what?

The return to the office may be bumpy. Here’s how to fix that.

Want to be an effective manager in 2021? Refine these skills

The working world has been forever changed since teams and workplaces were forced to reconsider how to collaborate, hold meetings, conduct events and interact with external clients and internal partners. Here are the skills you need to master in 2021 to stay on top of your management game.