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Your HR Career

8 great HR & management trends for 2019

Here are eight key workplace trends to plan for in 2019, according to David Hassell, CEO of performance management firm 15Five.

Become a better manager with this 15-minute daily habit

A daily self-assessment practice may be the most impactful growth tool you can use to be a more effective, more fulfilled manager.

Simple ways to remove wordiness

Follow these steps to remove word clutter from your messages.

Be helpful, not condescending

A thin line exists between offering advice and being condescending. Follow this advice to make sure you aren’t the latter.

4 better queries than ‘How are you?’

Writing for Forbes, Jim Ludema and Amber Johnson point out that the only reason most of us ask this question is because it would appear impolite not to ask. They offer a list of alternative questions.

Set goals: Look at past, present & future

The start of each year is an opportunity to set goals and a timeline in which to accomplish them. How do you go about identifying your goals?

The HR I.Q. Test: January ’19

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

Managing to stay out of court: 2019 employment-law quiz

The number of lawsuits filed by employees has spiked in recent years, and often those lawsuits are caused by one simple supervisor mistake or misunderstanding of employment law. How well do you know your legal duties as a manager?

The HR I.Q. Test: December ’18

Here’s your monthly quiz on HR news and trends.

React to a co-worker’s demands

You want to be a team player, but what if your co-worker walks into your workstation or shoots you an email demanding that you do something? If the person doesn’t have the authority to tell you what to do, take this advice.