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Your HR Career

The 5 questions to ask before every meeting

It’s time to ban unproductive meetings! Ensure the success of your next meeting by asking these five questions. They’ll set the stage for participants to make the most of the time they spend in the conference room. Feel free to pass along these suggestions to everyone in your workplace who organizes meetings.

Across the table: 10 tips for preparing for a deposition


A deposition may feel like a simple conversation between the parties in a lawsuit, but it isn’t. It is a tool used by a highly skilled practitioner to lock-in your side of the story, build his or her case through your admissions and evaluate you as a trial witness. The following are my top 10 things to think about as you prepare to give testimony in a deposition.

Self-Quiz: Do you need more ‘think time’ in your day?

iPhones, e-mail, Twitter … the electronic distractions in today’s society have us moving at a faster pace … and have all but eliminated “silent time” in our day. Researchers say this fast pace of society can hurt your health. Are you leading a “hurried” life? Do your habits show that you need to reserve more “think time” in your day? Take this simple quiz to find out …

Move up by focusing on big picture, not just HR

The most valuable HR professionals in coming years will be those who have an understanding of the business strategy and can contribute to it. “If you work in business, you have to be a businessperson first with a specialty in HR,” says Conrad Venter, global head of HR at Deutsche Bank.

When times are tough, do only what counts


A recession has a way of changing the way businesses do business. HR is no exception. Here are three effective strategies for HR pros to consider as the economy recovers and their organizations permanently adopt the cost- and time-effective strategies they have embraced out of necessity over the past couple of years:

Tips for working with a younger boss

Nearly half of U.S. workers work for someone younger than they are, according to a recent Career Builders survey. It’s not always easy. Here are five tips for getting along with that supervisor who was in high school when you were already well established in your career.

6 talking points to get management buy-in for your HR budget


When it’s time to present next year’s HR budget, get the C-Suite’s attention with these six talking points. They’ll show you mean business.

Cracking the password code (and keeping others from cracking yours)

Can you guess what the most common online password is? Actually, you probably can. Find out what passwords not to use, and how to create one that’s easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess.

12 manager mistakes that spark lawsuits


Most lawsuits against employers don’t start with some outrageous injustice. More often, a simple management mistake or a perceived slight starts the snowball of discontent rolling downhill toward the courtroom. Here are 12 of the biggest mistakes managers make. They can all lead to litigation—and kill your credibility in court.

Time’s a wasting, but where does it go?

According to a 2007 survey from Salary.com, Americans waste about 20% of their time at work. And a chunk of that wasted time comes from surfing the Internet. One journalist writer, in a quest to find out where her time was going, tried out four online services that track productivity. What did she learn from the experience?