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Your HR Career

Attitude, absence & foul language: 3 scripts for those conversations you’d rather not have


Paul Falcone, author of 101 Tough Conversations to Have with Employees, offers these scripts to follow when you need to have awkward but essential conversations with employees. Here’s what managers should say after they’ve said, “Hey, got a minute?” 

Hand-helds, laptops and ‘friending’: Managing the new culture clash


Technology is blurring the lines between work and leisure and revealing real tensions between Gen Y, Gen X and baby boomer employees. The generations have very different ideas about what is and isn’t an appropriate use of technology in the office. Here’s one simple solution for bridging the gap.

5 signs you’re sending negative vibes


Real professionals are often in the position of having to say “no” to employees. Don’t make that negative perception worse with the nonverbal cues you may be inadvertently giving off. Here are five negative “microexpressions” common to women …

Ask the experts: How to be a true HR leader


What does it take to jump the fence from your administrative role and be seen as a true leader in the company? The HR Specialist posed the following question to three of the leading HR thought leaders in America today: “What are the actions that a true HR leader takes to demonstrate leadership within an organization?” Their answers pointed to the following six actions:

Can you learn HR lessons from Washington? Yes, you can


First, set aside the stereotype that the federal bureaucracy is inherently dysfunctional. Sure, it’s got plenty of faults. But Uncle Sam’s best-run agencies can actually teach private-sector employers a thing or two about HR. Here are eight lessons employers can learn from the biennial agency-by-agency ranking of federal employers:

9 keys: Convince top brass to support next year’s HR budget

Ever had the C-Suite rubber-stamp your HR budget with nary a question or challenge? Neither has Valerie Grubb, a trainer, business coach and operations consultant. When budget time rolls around, she says, your most important job is explaining how HR contributes to the organization’s larger goals.

Re-entry! 7 ways to keep work from ruining your vacation


The worst part of going on vacation is all the work that happens before and after. Here’s good advice to pass on to your organization’s employees—simple tips to make sure the crush of work doesn’t snuff out the post-vacation glow.

HR lessons from unusual places: Put on your leadership shoes!


Leaders find business lessons every where, even from a shirtless guy at a music festival. See the Youtube video that went viral, and find out why two top business gurus believe that, when in doubt, good leaders just jump in with both feet.

Social media and HR: Managing the legal risks, updating your policies


Whether they’re shooting off their own tweets or following others, employees using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and personal blogs are creating liability and PR risks with their online rants, raves and company gossip. We’ve gathered the best of HR Specialist’s recent coverage of social media’s HR implications. You’ll find sound legal advice, and maybe a laugh or two.

4 tips: Don’t let slackers leave you doing all the work


It’s late, and you’re chained to your desk finishing work your boss needs first thing in the morning. The two colleagues who were helping with the project? Long gone. Don’t get stuck going it alone like that again. These four tips will help you manage co-workers who drop the ball.