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Your HR Career

How close are you to your colleagues?

Friendship runs wide in HR departments, if not especially deep.

HR salaries: It pays to specialize

Compensation for employees in HR specialties (benefits, training, etc.) is about 20% higher than for HR general positions, says a report by Culpepper and Associates.

Save on legal fees: The 7 most common law firm billing errors

If part of your job is dealing with outside attorneys and reviewing their invoices, know what kind of overcharges to look for. You can save the company money and prove your bottom-line impact to the top brass. Here are the seven most common errors to watch for.

Your next career move: Field HR or corporate HR?


Field HR or corporate HR: Neither career path is necessarily better; each has its own challenges and rewards. But there are important differences between the two that influence your career direction. Knowing those distinctions is a key step in any HR job move …

HR salaries: It pays to specialize

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of human resources and its strategic role in helping recruit, develop, and reward talent. In turn, salaries and the opportunity to earn incentives have increased for HR professionals, according to a report by Culpepper Compensation Surveys & Services. Here is Culpepper’s anaylsis of the report …

Which of the following is #1 on your HR holiday wish list?

HR pros say, “Show me the money!”

Your dollars at risk: Protect yourself from personal liability

HR pros spend a lot of their time ensuring that their companies comply with the law so they don’t wind up in court and lose big bucks to a jury verdict. But more and more, they find themselves defending not their employers’ bottom lines, but their own bank accounts. Here’s how to protect your personal funds.

Learn from the best: 6 tips from America’s top HR departments


Even if your HR department has only two or three employees, it can still incorporate some of the best approaches to HR management used in the country’s top HR departments. America’s biggest companies share some basic approaches to HR that can benefit much smaller departments.

Get ahead by drafting your own ‘career annual report’


What have you learned and accomplished in the past five years? If you can’t answer that question, you’ll have a tougher time planning your career development … and maybe making that next great career move. Use this template to create an annual report that can help collect your thoughts each year.

5 tips to cut flab from your business writing


In business writing, you don’t receive extra credit for slathering your sentences with fancy phrases, the way you did in college. Do that in a memo or e-mail, and you can expect eyes to glaze over. Here are five “less is more” tips for writing more effectively at work.