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Your HR Career

Management 101: Never hand off work without a checklist


More than ever, work is collaborative. And where do things go wrong when it comes to collaborative work? At the handoff. It’s usually not because someone is incompetent or lazy; it’s due to poor communication. The bottom line: We all need checklists. Use or adapt this “handoff checklist” when delivering a project assignment, suggests the Harvard Business Review blog.

Spring cleaning means dusting off New Year’s resolutions

Staying at work too late—again? “Springing forward” into daylight saving time means more after-work daylight to enjoy—improving both your mental and physical health. You can organize your workload so that you can get out in time to enjoy the season.

Follow the 3-day rule on your ‘to-do’ items

If a task on your to-do list is more than three days old, the Harvard Business Review blog suggests you do one of these four things with it:

8 steps to becoming the manager your employees need

In an effort to “empower” their staffs, too many managers take a completely hands-off approach, leaving employees alone unless they really need help. But this can create a rudderless ship, says management expert Bruce Tulgan. That’s not leadership! Here’s how effective managers provide genuine support to their employees.

New business etiquette rules for the modern age

Having good manners today is less about using the right fork, and more about showing consideration toward others. As we celebrate Administrative Professionals Week, here’s sound business etiquette advice for everyone who works. The key, as always: Common courtesy.

The best business blogs for women

Women turn to blogs nearly twice as often as social networking sites to find information and share opinions, according to a report in PINK magazine. Here’s PINK’s list of the top business blogs for women:

Cast your vote in the Final Four of HR Headaches!

The NCAA basketball tournament may be done, but the “Final Four Biggest Workplace Headaches for 2011” competition continues. Read up on four of the most vexing HR problems, and then cast your vote for the winner—the one that makes your work life miserable.

Nice work if you can get it: 12 years of full-time time off

Heads are rolling in Norfolk, Va., following the discovery that a government worker who was suspended 12 years ago and hasn’t done a day of work since then has been drawing a paycheck the whole time. And get this: Now that she’s been officially fired, she’s suing.

You can now get HR certification credits for blogging

As of January, HR professionals can earn recertification credit for creating blog posts that cover HR-related topics, according to the HR Certification Institute.

HR certification: Is it worth it?


Various organizations offer an alphabet soup of certifications. Which one is right for you? Here’s a breakdown of your certification options. HR pros attending the upcoming LEAP Symposium can earn 17 hours of PHR, SPHR or GPHR credit. Can’t make it to Las Vegas? Participate in LEAP via our new interactive webinar and you’ll still earn 12 hours of credit!