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Your HR Career

Your HR career: Think strategically to avoid being ‘outsourced’

Issue: As outsourcing grows and gains popularity, you need to prove your value to the organization.
Benefit: Protect your job and build a reputation as a “big-picture” …

Quit guessing at training ROI: Use this simple formula instead

Employee training represents an act of faith for many organizations. They know it’s important, but few can quantify the return on investment. Still, HR is pushed to prove that training pays off. Use this formula to prove to senior managers which training produces results and which doesn’t.

What makes for a lousy day at work?

Boredom, lame co-workers and slacker bosses can ruin any HR pro’s day.

More HR jobs demand social media skills

This summer, more than 1,000 new online job ads for HR openings included requirements that the candidate holds social media skills. That represents a 160% increase in such requests over the same period in 2010, according to a WANTED Analytics report.

Which TV character does your boss most closely resemble?

Most compare their bosses to the gruff yet kindly Lou Grant … or the downright evil Mr. Burns.

HR ethics on trial: Whose side are you on?


Sometimes, HR pros go to bat for em­­ployees when they think the company is overstepping its legal bounda­ries or generally not doing “the right thing” for the worker. But what happens when HR sticks its neck out and, in turn, gets it chopped off?

How to steer clear of a workplace smackdown (even if you’re not an NFL coach)

The most talked about moment from last weekend’s NFL games was the near-miss post-game smackdown between San Francisco 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh and Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz. The odd “fight or flight” incident left lots of football fans chuckling, but it got BusinessManagementDaily.com blogger Scott Eblin thinking: Did it offer conflict-management lessons we could all apply in the workplace? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Better meetings 101: Prep participants to arrive engaged

By changing the way attendees show up for meetings, you can help transform the work that happens inside of them. Help team meetings run more smoothly by making sure attendees come into the meeting room ready to engage. Try these two tips.

How do you usually convince executives to heed your HR advice?

Economic rationales and the fear of being sued tend to get executives’ attention.

Advancing your HR career: 7 truths to live by


“If I had known I was going to be in HR so long, I would have started to get serious about the profession sooner.” Noted HR expert Michael R. Losey says he’s heard this story a number of times. His advice: Get serious about your career now, before it’s too late.