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Strategic Planning

Disaster response may start with helping staff first

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast a year ago, many employees couldn’t work because they were preoccupied with damage to their own homes. Employers have responded in creative ways.

How HR can help CEOs, from CEOs who started in HR

HR pros complain all the time that the top brass in their organizations don’t value the HR function. A panel of three chief executive officers who spoke at The HR Specialist Summit in Las Vegas in September understand that frustration.

The tough decision checklist: Finish it and sleep soundly tonight

Stop second-guessing yourself and get out a pen. After you go coolly through this checklist point by point, you’ll be ready to stand up and make that difficult call—no hesitation, and no regrets.

Walmart enlists store staff for home delivery

Walmart, the nation’s largest bricks-and-mortar retailer, is launching a novel delivery service to help counter competition from online retail giant Amazon.

Does your organization have a network czar?

This is the person outside IT responsible for patrolling your servers for the many faux pas employees and their departments commit daily with online files.

Any tips on conducting an employee survey?

Q. We’re planning to do our first employee survey this year. Are there any best practices? — H.P., North Carolina

3 tips to turn line managers into your best project allies

When you want to gain approval for a new HR initiative, enlist a network of line-management allies to champion your case. It’s one of the best ways to fast-track your new program—and enhance HR’s stature within your organization.

3 ways to ease the transition from worker to supervisor

It’s the familiar “bud to boss” problem. When exemplary employees are rewarded with promotion into the management ranks, it’s easy to forget that new supervisors don’t have the same background as others who have always worked on the boss side of things.

Snapshot: Top HR challenges for the next 10 years


What are the top concerns in HR offices for the next decade?

Make sure your privacy program has these 5 vital components

A company’s privacy program needs a strong foundation.