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Beat ‘talent paradox’ to hire the employees you need

Hiring should be easy these days! Unemployment remains high and struggling companies have had to let great people go. Supply should exceed demand. So why is it so hard to hire the employees you need? It’s the “talent paradox”—despite lots of candidates, employers still see significant shortages in critical talent areas. Here’s a blueprint for beating it.

Reference checks: How to dig the dirt–legally


As part of the hiring process, supervisors are sometimes called on to check an applicant’s references. Those phone calls can help you accurately assess a person’s strengths, weaknesses and past job performance. But checking references can also be challenging—and legally tricky. Here are six guidelines for soliciting information without bumping into legal issues:

Michigan firm recruits its own employees

Once Plante Moran recruits a talented new hire, it keeps recruiting the same person throughout the employee’s tenure with the firm. One of the country’s largest certified public accounting and business advisory firms, Plante Moran boasts a turnover rate of less than 13%, among the lowest in the industry.

Would you hesitate to hire someone who has been unemployed for a year?

As the economy struggles to rebound, the stigma of long-term unemployment has lost some of its sting.

Marketing firm makes recruitment a game

After its research showed that consumers respond well to pitches that involve playing games, marketing firm Upstream Systems has “gamified” its own search for job candidates.

Could high school diploma requirement violate the ADA?


An “informal discussion letter” from the EEOC had employment-law circles buzzing last month—and creating uncertainty about employer’s use of high school diplomas as hiring criteria. The nonbinding EEOC letter said employers, in some instances, could infringe on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when requiring all applicants to have a high school diploma.

Which of the following issues requires the most work on your part?

Handling benefits and mediating workplace disputes top the list of difficult HR duties.

What’s your most effective way to attract new employees?

HR pros count on the web and employee word of mouth to fill jobs.

Military outreach team recruits veterans

Lockheed Martin is filling 1,000 jobs a year with military veterans and has expanded its recruiting efforts. Dedicated recruiters invite vets to face-to-face interviews with hiring managers and to participate in monthly online chats about employment opportunities.

Ernst & Young beefs up campus recruiting


Ernst & Young plans to hire 25% more new graduates this year than last, so the professional services firm has upped its game when it comes to internships. To reach the 5,000 students it hopes to recruit this year, the New York-based organization launched a Global Student Exchange Program to offer overseas assignments to select summer interns.