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How to comply with your new union posting requirements

Final rules are now in place for enforcing new rules requiring all federal contractors and subcontractors to notify employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. If you do any business for the federal government, as either a contractor or subcontractor, here are the steps you need to take to comply.

How should we handle a deceased worker’s e-mail?

Q. A deceased employee’s spouse has asked us for copies of personal e-mails that were on the employee’s work computer. Can we provide her copies?

What can we do about an employee who has been blasting us on his personal web site?

Q. One of my employees has created his own web site and has been posting negative comments about our company. Specifically, he has accused the company of failing to provide adequate benefits and paying below-market wages. Can we fire this worker for this conduct?

Does your employee-only restroom policy violate code?

Issue: Many states require organizations to allow public access to their restrooms.
Risk: You, like many employers, may be unaware of this code. One complaint can trigger a fine and …

Hiring MS Word experts? Look ‘inside’ the résumé


When hiring people who tout themselves as Microsoft Word “experts,” here’s a way to see if they really know how to use the software: Ask them to send the résumé in Word format, then simply click the Show/Hide button. It can reveal telltale signs of rookie moves.

Online learning: Back-to-school picks

Autumn brings with it a “back to school” feeling that can be sated only with a seminar or course. And there’s no easier, more affordable source for online learning than iTunes. Find out about this new, free training resource that just might work in your organization.

Don’t ban staff use of social media–exploit it

Matt Kaiser, VP of NAS Recruitment Communication, encourages employers to create policies and procedures to help employees take advantage of social media. “Your employees are going to be the best way to build your powerful employee brand,” said Kaiser. “Give employees advice on what to do—not just what not to do.…”

Use benefits checklist to smooth new-hire onboarding

New employees have lots on their minds when they first start working. While making the right benefits choices and completing the necessary paperwork is ultimately the employee’s responsibility, HR can give a kick in the pants by providing a checklist like this one.

It’s time to review your e-monitoring policies

A long-awaited Supreme Court ruling has reiterated the importance of all employers to draft and enforce a comprehensive electronic communications policy governing how employees can use e-mail, the Internet, cell phones and text services.

May we check an employee message sent from work to his personal e-mail?

Q. One of our sales managers thinks a salesperson has been e-mailing confidential customer information to his personal e-mail address. Can we review the salesperson’s sent-messages file on the company’s e-mail server to see what he has been sending out?