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Labor Relations / Unions

Court scraps NLRB ‘persuader’ rule

The National Labor Relations Board’s controversial “persuader” rule died quietly Nov. 16.

9 employment-related executive orders that could disappear Jan. 20

Here are some of the most significant employment-related executive orders that could be on the chopping block.

Transition: Will Trump pump the brakes on a runaway NLRB?

Expect the NLRB’s aggressive moves to come to a halt once the board’s makeup is changed.

Who will be the next Secretary of Labor?

These three are among the names being floated as possible nominees to become the Trump administration’s Secretary of Labor, according to Politico.com.

More joint employer blues for McDonald’s parent company

Labor organizers claim they have named McDonald’s Corp. as a defendant in a series of sexual harassment complaints.

Injunction temporarily blocks federal contractor disclosure rule

A Texas judge has issued a preliminary injunction preventing a rule from taking effect that would have required federal contractors to inform Uncle Sam of any accusations of labor law violations lodged against them in the previous three years.

Joint employer? Limit control over workers

If you want to avoid being considered a joint employer, limit the degree of control you exert.

Business groups want to stop contractor disclosure regulations

A group of business associations has asked a federal court in Texas to issue a temporary restraining order to block an Obama administration rule requiring federal contractors to disclose previous labor law violations.

Union accepted practice? That kills FLSA claim

In a rare case showing that there may be some benefit to having a unionized workplace, a court has refused to consider whether employees should be paid for time spent putting on and taking off protective clothing.

Employment law in the news for New York employers

A recent ruling from the National Labor Relations Board will affect New York colleges and universities. New state regulations will affect all employers that use paycards to pay their employees.