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Work / Life Issues

Toy-Stocked playroom invites employees’ kids to work


When babysitters cancel on parents who work for Redmond Minerals’ corporate office in Heber City, UT, moms and dads tote their preschoolers to work, where the kids have their own playroom. Rather than have employees miss work to take care of their kids when day care closes unexpectedly, Redmond created the playroom eight years ago for a few hundred dollars …

Got mental health benefits? Spread the word


According to the nonprofit Partnership for Workplace Mental Health, more than 40% of employees who work for organizations with mental health benefits don’t know anything about them. Yet they’re keenly aware when workplace stress takes its toll on their productivity and happiness …

Want healthy employees? Offer a flexible workplace


The advantages of a healthier work force are many—fewer sick days, higher productivity and less-painful health insurance costs. But how can employers encourage a healthier lifestyle without nagging? One surprising way: allow flexible scheduling, such as job sharing, telecommuting and compressed workweeks …

7 ways to get the most out of Millennial employees

In today’s workplace, many supervisors have to manage people from four different generations, all of which respond to different kinds of carrots, sticks and management styles. The breakdown: Traditional workers: born before 1946 Baby Boomers: 1946–1964 Generation X: 1965–1979 Millennials: 1980–1995 According to anecdotal information and research (see box below), managers in U.S. organizations are […]

Family responsibilities discrimination poses complex quandary


When employers make employment decisions based on sex stereotypes about caregivers or favor employees who don’t have family responsibilities, affected employees can successfully sue for family responsibilities discrimination (FRD) …

Free fishing and weight-Loss classes among Acuity’s employee perks


Fish ponds and Weight Watchers are just two of the benefits Acuity offers its employees. The insurance company’s Sheboygan, WI, headquarters has four ponds on its 115-acre campus, all stocked with bluegill, perch and bass …

Protect your work force from drug-Resistant superbugs


“Medical crisis.” “New staph strain raises red flags.” “Superbug taking great toll.” These headlines, and more like them, shook up the country during the fall—and prompted HR pros to take precautions in their workplaces …

Options help Xerox staff cope with illness


When illness strikes a family member, worry and stress can hurt job performance. Xerox helps employees manage complex diagnoses with a patient advocacy program. Employees who use the company’s Health Systems Management (HSM) program can get information about conditions …

Do parents get leave for school events?


Q. We have several employees who have children in school and sometimes want to leave work early to attend recitals, sports events and other school activities. Are employees who are parents entitled to a leave time to attend their children’s school activities? …

5 trends will shape compensation & benefits in 2008


You’re probably under pressure to reduce benefits costs as your organization tries to remain competitive in the marketplace. But don’t neglect your competitiveness in the race to attract and retain the best employees. They’re probably looking for even better benefits to offset static pay raises. Five key issues are emerging in 2008 for compensation and benefits professionals …