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School system tends to new teachers’ personal needs


Many of the new teachers who take jobs with the Charles County, MD, public school system need help adjusting to small-town life after they are hired. That help comes in the form of a teacher-services department staffed by a secretary, a veteran teacher and an HR specialist …

‘Hook’ employees to make your health fair a success


Health fairs teach employees about your organization’s wellness programs and encourage them to practice healthier habits—but only if they show up. To get your employees interested in blood-pressure screenings and dieting information, think of a hook that will draw them in …

8 little things managers can do to retain the best

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More employers try to regulate employees’ off-Duty behavior


To help control significant health care cost increases, many employers are trying to regulate employees’ off-duty behavior when they believe that it creates health risks. Although motivated by legitimate economic concerns, are these employers overstepping the boundaries of individual privacy? …

Attract and keep great employees with these 5 ‘Best practices’ benefits


As the HR profession celebrates National Work and Family Month—you knew October was National Work and Family Month, didn’t you?—it’s time to stock up on innovative benefits ideas from U.S. employers. From wellness incentives to “future leave,” these best practices help attract and retain great workers …

Try these top 5 low or no-Cost benefits


The unemployment rate is down again, and employees are saying they want more money to stay put. Maybe it’s time to brush off some of the low- or no-cost benefits we used back in the late 1990s to attract and keep good employees.

Is it time to stop tracking employees’ vacation time?


Plenty of companies use paid time off banks in lieu of rigid leave plans that designate a specific number of days for vacation, sick and personal time off. Now newer leave plans are going even further, doing away with the concept of tracking leave time altogether. Weigh the pros and cons when deciding whether unlimited leave is right for your organization.

Analyze EAP caller data to learn about employee concerns


You might be surprised to learn that men call employee assistance programs (EAP) because of relationship troubles more often than women, and only 7% more men than women ask for help with substance abuse. It’s still true that women use the services of EAP counselors about three times as often as men. But what men and women call about is changing …

The smoke-Free workplace: complying with Florida law


Florida employers were required to have smoke-free workplaces since the mid-1980s, but the state recently amended the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act to comply with the Florida Health Initiative. The law prohibits smoking in an “enclosed indoor workplace” with the exception of …

Is mortgage meltdown affecting your employees, applicants?


Recently, more and more Georgia homeowners are having trouble paying their mortgages. In fact, Georgia is in the top five states for foreclosures this year. And that’s driving down home prices, as foreclosed properties flood the Georgia market, especially in the Atlanta metro area. Here’s why that’s important for employers …