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Work / Life Issues

Soaring gas prices offer opportunity for smart employers

With gas prices shooting past $4 a gallon, employees with long commutes may be rethinking their job choices. You can help ease their pain (and collect some tax breaks) by introducing commuter-assistance benefits and programs. We offer tips and case studies that explain how to do it.

Keeping employee’s performance up during a divorce


Q. “One of our employees is going through a divorce. She’s making more mistakes at work and is overly sensitive to constructive criticism. I think she needs a vacation—can we require it? Any suggestions on how to help her without sacrificing job performance?” …

Soaring gas prices boost interest in commuting assistance

With gas prices climbing toward $4 a gallon, there’s more interest—among employers and employees—in commuter-assistance benefits and programs. Expect to become more involved in getting your employees to work …

Job conflicts are major cause of lost sleep

Common job-related problems—such as conflicts with bosses or co-workers—are more likely to cause poor sleep than even long hours, night shifts or job insecurity. That’s the conclusion of a new University of Michigan study of 2,300 adults who were followed for a decade …

Of MySpace & Money: Don’t try to muzzle millennials’ salary talk


You’d never discuss how much money you make, right? Dude, that attitude is so 20th century! The 20-somethings you work with eagerly dish about salaries, bonuses and other work topics you might consider taboo. Managers tempted to forbid such talk? Don’t let them! Here’s why.

Feeling poor? It could be worse: At least you’re not a reporter

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown has expressed support for a union of editorial workers seeking a new contract at the Dayton Daily News. Union members took to the streets in April after the newspaper announced plans to deny part-time workers affordable health care and freeze wages …

Tailor benefits messages to employees’ ages, circumstances

When it comes to effectively communicating benefits messages, one size does not fit all. Employees have different benefits needs at different stages of their lives. Make sure your print and web-based benefits communications efforts take those differences into account …

Intuit customizes work/Life benefits by location

A traveling mammogram van visits software maker Intuit’s Tucson, Ariz., campus once a year, while a mobile dental office stops at the company’s Mountain View, Calif., campus every week. Each of the company’s major campuses features different perks, depending on “what’s the most meaningful for that particular population,” says Jim Grenier …

Consulting firm keeps young workers with ‘Short’ hours, communication

Censeo Consulting grooms young employees for long careers with the five-year-old Washington, D.C., company through frequent feedback and flexibility. Managers do their best to tailor the jobs so they suit the talents and career goals of each of the company’s 40 employees.

Tapped-out accountants get work/life help in tax season


The children of Crowe Chizek and Co. accountants stay with baby sitters every Saturday morning during tax season, and their parents don’t pay. “We try to do everything we can to help them manage their work/life responsibilities,” Jane Hoff, HR leader, says …