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Work / Life Issues

Money trouble is the No. 1 stress point for employees


What’s keeping your employees up at night? For most, it’s money woes and work/life balance …

Ban smoking or ban smokers? How far can you legally go?


Thirty states and the District of Columbia have established “lifestyle discrimination” laws that prohibit employers from discriminating against employees or applicants based on the person’s off-duty use of tobacco or participation in other legal though controversial activities …

Detailed wage records can prevent back-Pay complaints


Zablocki Industries, which operates Aunt Heddy’s Bakery in Brooklyn, has agreed to pay $25,687 in back wages and interest to six employees to settle a U.S. Labor Department lawsuit …

On-Site Clinics Make a Comeback. Are They Right for You?


On-site clinics are less common than they were a few decades ago, when the company doctor was as much a fixture as the school nurse. But the high cost of health care—and the trend toward focusing on prevention and wellness as ways to lower those costs—is bringing them back into vogue …

Low-Cost, Compassionate Perk: Living Wills for Employees


Employees have always looked to HR for help as they prepare for the changes that come with life’s big events, like childbirth and retirement. Get ready for more of them to start asking for your advice about how to prepare for death …

Send working mothers to Mom-Camp to recharge, relax


Think sending an employee to a fashion show or a workshop about how to organize her home is an odd use of employee benefit dollars? Employers like Minneapolis-based Landscape Structures and BankCherokee paid for some of their employees to do just such things, and welcomed them back rejuvenated and ready to work

Break-Time Massages Ease Stress, Boost Productivity for $1 a Minute


It costs the California-based digital marketing company Organic $1 a minute to boost its employees’ productivity. How? Through 20-minute massages that employees can take advantage of at the office …

Grants for outdoor journeys garner pride, encourage service


Washington-based outdoor retailer REI helps its customers and its employees reach their personal outdoor goals. The company offers grants of up to $300 worth of REI gear and apparel to employees embarking on outdoor athletic challenges and outdoor conservation or service projects

Wellness rewards and ‘Biggest Loser’ contest help trim costs


Employees at the pet products company PetSafe in Knoxville, Tenn., really like their wellness program. In fact, they created it …

8 ways to help employees cut their own health care costs


Shifting some health care costs to employees can help control an organization’s ballooning expenses, but it doesn’t make employees healthier or reduce their need for services. Help your organization progress down the path toward employee engagement by using these eight tips