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Work / Life Issues

What’s Working: 6 Hot Compensation & Benefits Best Practices


On-site scuba lessons, desks on wheels, employee shopping sprees and unlimited time off are just a few of the ways innovative employers recruit, reward, retain and refresh workers. See if any of these best practices—some simple, some extravagant—inspire you to take a fresh look at your company’s perks.

Brown-bagging increases as gas prices remain high


High gas prices may keep employees at work, says a survey by employment law firm Jackson Lewis. More than half of the employees that participated in the poll said they’re eating lunch at their desks more these days instead of eating out or running personal errands …

8 strategies: Make flex plans work for you

Your organization wouldn’t offer flexible work arrangements such as flextime and compressed workweeks if management didn’t believe the benefits outweighed the costs. Yet surveys show that few organizations have formal and consistent policies in place to manage their flex programs.

How to comply with Colorado’s 3 newest workplace laws

The Colorado Legislature passed several laws during the most recent legislative session that will directly affect Colorado employers, and more changes may be on the way. HR professionals need to update workplace policies and procedures to comply with these new worker rights and employer obligations …

Proving the ROI of wellness programs just got easier


Every employer seems to be jumping on the wellness bandwagon in an effort to curb health care costs. But it’s always been hard for HR to prove its wellness investment is worth it. Reason: the inability to nail down a return on investment (ROI) on wellness programs. Now, a host of new approaches and tools have come to the rescue …

Indiana employers respond to higher gas prices

The LaPorte District of Indiana’s Department of Transportation (INDOT) has instituted a four-day workweek for operations workers to battle high fuel costs. INDOT hopes the move will bring 10% savings on fuel, utilities and fleet maintenance costs …

Gas pains: Implemented properly, telecommuting can be win-Win

During this period of high gas prices, telecommuting could help employees cut commuting costs. With the right kind of phone and computer equipment, many workers can do their jobs as effectively from home as they can from their usual work sites. Employers benefit from increased productivity and lower absenteeism, higher retention rates and better employee morale …

Energy crunch: Wayne County tries four-Day workweek

Roughly half of Wayne County’s 1,032 workers are switching to a four-day workweek to cut commuting costs and energy bills and to boost employee morale. County officials hope the move will cut utility costs by $300,000 per year …

The HR I.Q. Test: September ’08

Test your knowledge of recent trends in employment law, comp & benefits and other HR issues with our monthly mini-quiz …

What are our responsibilities concerning breastfeeding in the workplace?


Q. A number of our employees are pregnant. What are our obligations to accommodate their need to breastfeed when they return to work? …