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Work / Life Issues

Shorter workweeks save gas

Is gas costing your employees more than they’re willing to pay to get to work? If so, consider shortening your workweek. In August, Utah extended its government service hours from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and started closing about a third of the state government offices on Fridays …

Employers pumping gas perks: 8 high-Octane tactics

In a recent survey, nearly a third of HR professionals said they know at least one employee who quit in the past year because the high price of gas made the commute too expensive. Rather than watch those employees jump ship for jobs closer to home, some employers are actively addressing the driving dilemma …

Santa Clara firm fined for not accommodating lactating mom

A Silicon Valley security services company has been fined $4,000 for failing to provide a private space for one of its employees to express breast milk. California regulators fined International Security Services, based in Santa Clara, after receiving a complaint from a new mother …

Michigan considers four-Day week for state government employees

Gov. Jennifer Granholm is considering four-day workweeks for some state workers to help cut commuting costs in light of skyrocketing fuel prices. More than a third of state workers already enjoy alternative work schedules …

Sign of the times? Schools consider 4-Day week

The MACCRAY School District, which serves the towns of Maynard, Clara City and Raymond, has floated a plan to cut Monday classes to save on fuel prices …

10 ways to help ease employees’ pain at the pump

Nearly a third of HR pros in a recent survey reported knowing at least one employee who quit in the past year because the high price of gas made the commute too expensive. Some organizations are addressing the driving dilemma—and revving up their retention programs—by pushing telework and shorter workweeks. But other employers take an even more direct approach: paying for employees’ gas …

Preserve flex, work/life benefits during tough economy


The stormy economy hasn’t dampened employers’ interests in offering work/life benefits to their employees, says a new study. Even as organizations severely cut contributions to health care, disability programs and pension plans, they continue to offer flexible schedules, child and elder care support, and employee assistance with family and personal problems …

Protect frequent business fliers with travel assistance plan

Your organization’s frequent business travelers know that political unrest, terrorism and natural disasters increase the risk of trekking to foreign destinations. Calm their fears—and keep them safe—by prearranging for medical care should they fall ill or be injured, legal or financial help in case they’re robbed, or evacuation if there’s a disaster …

Domestic violence victims get help from their employer

Domestic violence victims who work for Phoenix-based marketing communications firm McMurry Inc. have a place to stay. They get unlimited paid leave and support from their managers, who help check them into a free shelter. If they need lawyers, the company pays for them …

Energy firm workers stay fit with scuba

Oklahoma City is a long way away from the ocean, but Chesapeake Energy Corp. encourages employees to stay healthy by taking scuba diving lessons. The push is part of the company’s “Living Well” program, which pays employees up to $1,000 a year for improving their health through exercise and education …