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Work / Life Issues

Domestic violence victims get help from their employer

Domestic violence victims who work for Phoenix-based marketing communications firm McMurry Inc. have a place to stay. They get unlimited paid leave and support from their managers, who help check them into a free shelter. If they need lawyers, the company pays for them …

Energy firm workers stay fit with scuba

Oklahoma City is a long way away from the ocean, but Chesapeake Energy Corp. encourages employees to stay healthy by taking scuba diving lessons. The push is part of the company’s “Living Well” program, which pays employees up to $1,000 a year for improving their health through exercise and education …

Long list of conveniences keeps employees on board

The HR team at Insomniac Games in Burbank, Calif., constantly surveys employees to learn which benefits they want. The exercise, says HR Director Carrie Dieterle, boosts productivity. One employee favorite: the firm’s $125,000-a-year snack program …

Tailor incentives to encourage most important health behaviors

Half of large employers use incentives to encourage employees to quit smoking, lose weight or otherwise improve their health, and that number will leap to 74% next year, predicts HR consulting firm Watson Wyatt Worldwide …

Don’t let them eat cake: Join HR’s war on fat


The focus on overweight employees has always been on the extra expense they add to an organization’s health care costs. But the issue also spills over into a productivity problem, according to a recent study. Aggressive wellness efforts can help trim the workforce size—in a good way …

Benefits on a shoestring: 8 tips


Don’t waste your time and money offering benefits no one cares about. Review all your coverages. Conduct eligibility audits. Those are just some of the tips comp and benefits expert Gary Kushner has for HR pros eager to maximize the value and reduce the costs of the benefits they provide.

Employee benefits stable in ’08 despite slump


Employers Feeling More Resistance Than Ever to Relocation Offers

Employee transfers have always somewhat of a hard sell for employers. But making a move in the current housing market is fraught with peril for all parties.

Michigan ranks first in stress

Michigan ranked No. 1 for economic stress in a test compiled by the Campaign for America’s Future (CAF). The CAF “Stress Test” assessed the condition of jobs, housing, health care and household costs on a state-by-state basis over the past eight years …

Wellness Rx: Help Employees Spend Less on Prescriptions

Prescription drug costs account for a huge chunk of employer-provided health care insurance premiums—and those costs are rising fast. Don’t run the risk that your workers won’t fill needed prescriptions because they can’t afford to. They’ll stay healthier if you teach them how to hunt for bargains on prescribed drugs.