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Compensation & Benefits

Shorter workweeks may lessen virus exposure

With social distancing becoming part of our new normal, a workplace practice that began emerging even before the coronavirus crisis hit has gained new urgency. Shorter workweeks were already trending as an employee-relations perk. Now a four-day workweek could become an important shift-management strategy

Emergency law grants paid sick, FMLA leave

Many employees affected by the coronavirus pandemic will be eligible for paid sick leave and some will be able to take paid FMLA leave under legislation signed into law March 18.

Consequences be damned! Most of us use flex benefits

Most white-collar workers take advantage of flexible work opportunities even though they worry it might harm their careers, according to a new study by the Deloitte consulting firm.

IRS says employers can expand COVID-19 coverage with HSAs

If you offer a high deductible health insurance plan compatible with a tax sheltered Health Savings Account, you know that the plan and the employees who use it face tight Internal Revenue Service restrictions on how much employees must pay before full insurance coverage kicks in. Fortunately, the IRS has moved quickly to address COVID-19 cover-age through HSAs.

Snapshot: Does your company have a formal compensation strategy?

Less than one-third of employers have a formal compensation strategy, but more are working to develop one.

Cost of inpatient COVID-19 treatment could top $20,000

COVID-19 hospital treatment for a patient covered by an employer-provided health plan could exceed $20,000 according to a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

House passes coronavirus rescue bill

Using expedited procedures, the House of Representatives passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (H.R. 6201) early March 14. The Senate is expected to pass a similar measure within days, and President Trump has said he will sign it into law.

Beware basing starting pay on past salary

Think twice before using a new hire’s past compensation to set her new salary. According to a federal appeals court, that violates the Equal Pay Act.

Bills would grant paid sick leave during public health emergencies

Responding to the worsening coronavirus outbreak, companion legislation introduced March 6 in the House and Senate would require employers to provide 14 days of paid sick leave in the event of any public health emergency.

Our top financial worry: Unexpected medical bills

When it comes to family budget concerns, unexpected medical bills top Americans’ list of worries, with two-thirds (65%) of the public saying they are at least somewhat worried.