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Compensation & Benefits

Pay transparency a hallmark of employer fairness

Transparency around compensation is a key driver of employees’ perception that they work for an organization that is fair, according to new research by the Society for Human Resource Management.

Boost benefits to convince hourly workers to stay

A Mercer survey found that comprehensive health and mental health insurance benefits are key to retaining low-level workers. Also valued: dental and vision coverage, access to gyms and attention to work/life balance.

Most employers won’t base teleworkers’ pay on location

More than two-thirds (69%) of employers say they don’t plan to offer reduced pay for remote workers who live in lower-cost cities, says a new Payscale survey.

Snapshot: 49% of workers feel they are underpaid

Discontent about compensation is widespread among employees of all ages.

Millennial employees seek new benefits this fall

Nearly two-thirds of millennials surveyed for a new MetLife report say this year’s open enrollment is more important than last year’s, and two in three say they plan to elect new benefits this year, compared to about one in three baby boomers.

Health costs to grow 4.7%

Employers expect health benefit costs to rise 4.7% on average in 2022 compared to 2021.

Tech solutions help staff hard-to-fill shifts

By now, it’s clear that retailers will have serious problems attracting enough workers to meet customer demand this coming holiday season. That leaves employers battling it out to recruit new workers. But some companies have decided it’s more productive to ask current employees to work longer hours.

SHRM: Pandemic reshaped benefits landscape in 2020

Employers expanded benefits that support employee health and wellbeing in remote and hybrid workplaces, with increased attention to parental leave and family caregiving duties.

Benefits: Employers retool to attract talent, foster DEI

Willis Towers Watson’s 2021 Benefits Trends Survey found that more than two-thirds of employers plan to differentiate and customize their benefit programs over the next two years, a sharp increase from just 23% today.

Snapshot: Who offers education benefits?

Organizations with 500 or more employees are most likely to offer education benefits such as tuition reimbursement, a 529 plan or student-loan repayment.