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Compensation & Benefits

Failure to grant more leave costs Fresno company $1.75M

Family HealthCare Network in Fresno will pay $1.75 million to settle charges that its inflexible leave policies discriminated against disabled and pregnant employees.

OK to round hours if it favors employees

Employers often round workers’ time up or down instead of calculating the exact number of minutes worked. That’s fine as long as, on average, the system works to employees’ benefit.

Misinformation may result in back benefits

When employees get erroneous information about unemployment compensation eligibility and don’t file as a result, they may be eligible for back payments when they do file.

Ensure workers’ compensation appeal is received—not sent—within 30 days

According to a recent Minnesota Supreme Court decision, the appeal must have actually been received by the chief administrative law judge and the Commissioner of Labor and Industry by 4:30 p.m. on a state business day within 30 days after the party was served with the compensation judge’s decision.

Go to jail, get fired, collect unemployment anyway

Employees who engage in misconduct generally aren’t eligible for unemployment benefits. But that doesn’t mean a blanket rule that calls for firing anyone who is incarcerated will automatically rule out unemployment compensation.

Social Security Administration no-match letters are back

SSA no-match letters will be sent out for any discrepancy found on W-2 forms, whether or not the employer uses the government’s online E-Verify employment eligibility verification system.

4 key benefit trends to watch for in 2019

Some of the benefit trends to watch this year, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

Study: Wellness programs depend on leaders’ support

Employee wellness initiatives are more successful when organizational leaders are visibly supportive and involved, according to a new study of 1,000 employers.

Snapshot: Employers offering paid parental leave

Paid parental leave is the law in a few states, but many employers now offer it as a matter of policy.

Economy recovered, but retirement savings didn’t

The retirement savings levels of working-age Americans remain deeply inadequate despite the economic recovery, according to a study by the nonprofit National Institute on Retirement Security.