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Compensation & Benefits

New tip rules: Prepare for a deep dive into the tip pool

Employers have long been allowed to pay tipped employees less than the usual minimum wage. In some industries, tips have traditionally been pooled, so “back-of-the-house” staff can share in customers’ generosity. But the informality of tipping means it is a surprisingly complicated wage-and-hour issue.

Ensure employees know of retirement plan rollover rules change

As a result of a provision in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the rollover distribution rules are now more relaxed for rollovers of defaulted loans resulting from plan terminations or a participant’s failure to repay a loan upon severance from employment.

Snapshot: Salary budgets inch upward

U.S. employers are expected to budget for pay raises averaging 3.2% in 2019.

No unemployment for man who wanted to beat up boss

A Pennsylvania judge has refused to grant unemployment benefits to a former employee who was fired for challenging his supervisor to a fist fight in the parking lot after work.

Time clock rounding case offers lessons on compensable time

If you use a rounding system, take care to ensure that it is fair and neutral, and that, on average, the amount of employee time that is deducted is the same or less than the amount added to time records as time worked.

Men win big in EEOC parental leave settlement

Cosmetics giant Estée Lauder has agreed to pay $1,100,000 to men who the EEOC said were harmed by discriminatory parental leave policies.

By the numbers: Student loan benefits

More than three-fourths of young people say they would be more likely to accept a job offer from an employer that offers student loan repayment as an employee benefit, according to a recent report by CommonBond, a loan refinancing company.

Federal paid family leave gains momentum

Ivanka Trump has long expressed interest in making paid family or parental leave a reality. Now those efforts appear to be ramping up. Here’s what we know so far.

Economy is booming, but when will wages rise?

With low unemployment and a growing GDP, Americans are feeling much more comfortable about the economy. Yet a concerning trend lurks underneath an otherwise booming economy: slow wage growth.

Snapshot: Almost all employers offer retirement benefits

95% of employers offer one or more retirement plans. For most, those are defined-contribution plans such as 401(k)s and 403(b)s.