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Compensation & Benefits

Pandemic perks: No-contact mobile refueling at work

Companies can come to your workplace and refuel employee or fleet cars on the spot.

Covid-19: Encourage taking FFCRA paid leave

As you prepare to welcome employees back to work, remember that some of them, or their family members, may still be sickened by covid-19. In many cases, they are entitled to paid sick leave, and it won’t cost you a penny to provide it.

Off-duty worker ignores social distancing: How to respond

If you discover that employees have flaunted local COVID-19 guidelines outside of work, can you place them on an unpaid leave of absence to quarantine before they return to work?

Due to COVID, some firms detach pay from performance

Last year, a great majority of employers (85%) said they link employees’ pay directly to performance, according to a Mercer study. But the consulting firm says some companies are now incorporating a “compassion factor” in how they calculate goals and performance.

In the Payroll Mailbag: July ’20

Beware the trap with deferrals … Can a missed deferred deposit be made up?

No day camp…no problem: Paid FMLA leave may still apply

According to the Department of Labor, paid FMLA leave isn’t available after schools close for the summer, because that’s not a coronavirus-related reason. But, up to 12 weeks of paid FMLA leave may be available, if camps or other programs in which employees’ kids were enrolled didn’t open due to the coronavirus.

High Court rules IRCA doesn’t override state W-4 laws

Almost all states now use their own W-4s. And some of those states make it a crime to use a false identity when filling out a state W-4. Those laws don’t interfere with the Immigration Reform and Control Act when employees use the same false information on I-9s and state W-4s, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled.

Steer clear of basing pay on previous compensation

Attorneys who represent employees and job applicants are starting to win equal-pay cases they might have lost in years past. They are claiming that basing a new employee’s starting pay on how much he or she earned before so perpetuates past bias that it is itself a discriminatory act.

Beware misclassifying covid-19 teleworkers

The mass, covid-inspired migration from office work to telework has been surprisingly seamless for many employees and employers. But in some cases, the move has triggered wage-and-hour compliance problems that few would have anticipated.

Retirement savings crunch bringing older workforce

Expect more of your oldest employees to delay retirement as long as possible. Baby boomers on your staff may be financially unprepared to quit working anytime soon.