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Compensation & Benefits

DOL revises regulations covering FFCRA paid sick, FMLA leave

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division on Sept. 11 issued revised regulations affecting the paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave provisions of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Prepare to pay for employee misclassification

If you use independent contractors as part of your workforce, be sure to do it correctly. Erroneously classifying an employee as an independent contractor is likely to trigger an investigation by a state or federal agency.

Be ready to reimburse teleworker expenses

Employers may need to pay employees back for some infrastructure improvements they had to make so they could work remotely.

Presidential campaign: Where Trump, Biden differ on HR issues

President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden disagree on most issues affecting America’s workplaces. Here is a breakdown of where they stand.

Pandemic wreaks havoc on salesperson compensation

New research from the WorldatWork total-rewards association suggests that professionals who sell for a living will come up short on meeting their 2020 sales goals.

Consider hazard pay to fill essential positions

Once upon a time, hazard pay was an incentive to entice workers to perform jobs that were themselves dangerous—think firefighting or defusing explosives. In the coronavirus pandemic era, hazard pay is being granted to delivery drivers, grocery cashiers and many other jobs now deemed “essential.”

Stay flexible to protect vulnerable workers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges employers to take steps to protect workers who might be vulnerable to covid-19 infections. When possible, vulnerable workers should be allowed to telecommute.

Report addresses when to claim Social Security

It’s a basic tenet of HR that directly providing financial advice to employees is an ethical no-no. However, there is nothing wrong with steering them toward resources that can help them make good decisions about their money.

Plan to offer time off to vote on Nov. 3

Start planning now to grant time off so your employees can vote on Nov. 3. Currently, 36 states require this leave.

DOL adds pandemic-related back-to-school FAQs

The DOL has now supplemented its voluminous FAQ webpage with some back-to-school questions.