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Compensation & Benefits

With new COVID laws & increased scrutiny, now’s the time to rewrite your PTO policy

With an increased focus on employee leave in the public eye and new pandemic-related laws, companies with outdated paid time off policies could find themselves in messy legal situations. That makes now a good time to review and rewrite your PTO policies. Here are some issues to consider.

Ongoing telework brings legal complexities

Remote work is likely to continue long after the coronavirus crisis subsides. As you contemplate what post-pandemic work will look like, it’s important to recognize the complications inherent to permanent telework arrangements. Factor them into your decision making when setting new policies on remote work and hiring.

Employers, employees may clash over return-to-work

Employers continue to struggle with what post-pandemic work ought to look like, according to a new survey by the Littler Mendelson employment law firm. One of the most potentially significant problems: Employers and employees may disagree about plans for reopening workplaces after a year of working remotely.

Pay equity group alleges tip credit perpetuates racism

Many tipped workers wind up earning far more than the $7.25 minimum when tippers are generous. But some patrons are cheapskates (or worse) who may tip far less because they harbor racist views. That problem is the basis of a recent lawsuit.

Efforts to promote DEI in benefits expected to surge

The number of employers that will promote diversity, equity and inclusion in their benefit programs is expected to jump sharply over the next three years, according to a new survey by Willis Towers Watson.

Parts of new tip rule delayed

Now delayed until at least Dec. 31 are provisions related to assessing monetary penalties against employers that violate rules for paying a tip credit to tipped workers.

Retirement saving balances, contributions rose in 2020

A booming stock market and higher savings rates pushed average 401(k) account balances to record levels in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to a Fidelity analysis of its investors’ accounts.

Details elusive in Biden’s paid leave plan

Employees would be eligible for 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave under a plan announced by President Biden during an April 28 address to a joint session of Congress. We know some of the details on the proposal, but much remains unclear.

Minimum wage for fed contractor employees going up to $15 per hour

President Biden signed an executive order April 27 raising the minimum wage federal contractors must pay employees to $15 per hour, starting next year.

Biden proposes 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave

The proposal, part of a legislative package called the American Families Plan, would provide workers up to $4,000 a month, with a minimum of two-thirds of average weekly wages replaced, rising to 80% for the lowest-wage workers.