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In the Payroll Mailbag: April ’24

How do you withhold on commissions? … Can an employee be exempt from Medicare taxes?

Think twice before firing an employee for FMLA abuse

An employee on FMLA leave for their own serious health condition can’t work for you. This doesn’t consign them to sitting at home until their leave is up, however. A federal trial court ruled that an employee on FMLA leave could have her day in court after she was fired for chaperoning her son’s senior trip to Jamaica.

Payroll practice essentials: Disclosing tax information

From how offices are configured, which is usually behind closed and locked doors, to computers strategically situated to block other employees’ view, Payroll runs on confidentiality. Yet there are times when confidentiality may be breached.

April Fools!

Payroll managers know April Fools is no joke to the IRS. Your first-quarter Form 941 is due by month’s end. Here’s help.

College is expensive. Here’s how you can help

Employees who paid off their student loans long ago are now helping their kids through college, and some are taking out second mortgages to do it. You can ease some of this burden by establishing a tax-free scholarship program for employees’ kids. A private letter ruling shows the way.

Pay on time or pay the price

In New York, manual workers must be paid weekly. Who can sue if employers fail to pay on time? A New York appellate court has ruled that only the labor department can sue noncompliant employers, not employees.

IRS allows e-filing exceptions for Forms 1120 & 1065

Final regulations requiring you to e-file your information returns if you’re filing any combination of 10 or more returns also impact other tax returns.

Survey: Employees say they’re satisfied with health plans

Employees are generally satisfied with how their employer-sponsored health benefits serve their needs, according to the latest Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey. Conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute and Greenwald Research, the 18th annual version of the study polled 2,020 workers.

Get out the vote: Create a voting leave policy

Were you prepared for the elections that just took place in March? Were your employees clear on when they could take time to vote? Make sure you are prepared come November by implementing a policy or scrutinizing your current one. You can encourage voter turnout by implementing a voting-leave policy that shows employees you take the right to vote seriously.

DOL overtime rule advances to last step before becoming final

The Department of Labor’s rule expanding access to overtime pay for an additional 3.6 million exempt employees is now under review by the Office of Management and Budget, the last step in the regulatory process before a final rule is issued.