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Compensation & Benefits

Snapshot: When was the last time you received recognition at work?

Only 60% of employees surveyed said their work has been recognized in the last year.

Consistency is key to 401(k) wealth-building

It may seem obvious, but now there’s research to back it up: Consistent participation in an employer-sponsored retirement plan results in higher account balances—as much as 122% higher.

Midterms to affect employment law landscape

Two years of Republican control of Washington ended Nov. 6 with Democrats seizing control of the House of Representatives. That gives Democrats some say on setting the legislative agenda, including employment law issues.

Film crew: Mob flick maker stiffed us for $200K

The crew that worked on the movie “Made in Chinatown,” filmed in Philadelphia last summer, want their money and they have filed a lawsuit to get it.

Bottom-up hiring could perpetuate pay bias

There’s a danger that wages may appear to be discriminatory if the hiring process is centralized, but decisions about starting pay are made locally, without regard to broader corporate compensation scales. The risk: Class-action lawsuits.

Employers, staff out of sync on preferred perks

Are you offering the perks your employees want? Probably not, according to a new survey by the Robert Half staffing firm.

Small businesses could offer 401(k) plans under proposed DOL rule

An Oct. 22 DOL statement said the proposed rule would ease restrictions on the kinds of employers that can provide 401(k) retirement benefits via so-called association retirement plans.

4 plan features crucial to 401(k) wealth-building

Employer-sponsored retirement plans are most successful at building employee wealth if they feature these four things.

8th Circuit just made it easier to negotiate settlements

Getting court approval for settlements just got easier in the 8th Circuit. The court said it’s not inclined to second-guess agreed-upon settlement details.

Assignment to work extra hours isn’t grounds to quit and collect unemployment

When employees have their hours drastically cut, they may be able to quit and still receive unemployment compensation. It doesn’t always work the other way around. An employee who is asked to work additional hours can’t quit and still receive benefits.