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Growing retention tool: Internal job fairs

While job fairs are typically used as an outside recruitment tool, the current job market is leading more companies to host job fairs for their current employees as a way to keep them from jumping ship.

Is your staff suffering from FORTO?

Make them see the office as an inviting place to come back to.

Survey: Labor crisis requires focus on hiring and retention

A growing number of North American employers believe meeting current labor market challenges will require identifying new sources of talent and upgrading current employees’ skills. That’s according to a new survey by the Willis Towers Watson consulting firm.

Metaverse to influence how work gets done by 2026

Move over, Slack and Zoom; you’re about to get replaced by something bigger and potentially better. The metaverse will soon become part of many Americans’ work lives, according to the Gartner business advisory group.

Conduct ‘stay interviews’ to retain employees

Don’t give up great employees without a fight. Numerous surveys have found that between 10% and 25% of employees plan to seek new jobs this year. Many of those resignations might be avoidable.

4 phrases we would love to never hear again on Zoom

Rae Ringel, whose Ringel Group specializes in leadership development, has had enough of Zoom jargon. In an article on hbr.org, she urges banishing these phrases from online gatherings.

3 ways to help leaders become more effective

What makes a potentially great leader? Everyone who has had a good boss can cite some of the qualities: intelligence, confidence, creativity, integrity, vision, empathy. Those people build high-performance teams. Three HR tactics can cultivate that kind of leadership.

Snapshot: Why do you prefer to work remotely?

For most, it’s not to avoid catching covid-19.

Help managers build trust: 6 best practices

Good relationships between managers and their subordinates start with trust. Pass along these tips to help managers strengthen the bonds of trust with their staff members.

Offer paid suspension while you investigate allegations

When employees are accused of serious misconduct, consider suspending them with pay. It’s a way to keep alleged bad actors from doing further damage while discouraging them from suing for discrimination and retaliation.