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Employee Relations

Dealing with the everything-is-urgent co-worker

Co-workers who send every message with an “Urgent” tag in the subject line or who litter emails with “ASAP” make life unnecessarily stressful. Follow these tips to deal with an everything-is-urgent co-worker.

Demote a staffer? Make it work

If you decide that demotion is a viable alternative to terminating a particular employee, knowing how to execute the demotion properly is essential to making it work.

Performance reviews lose their luster

CEO of GE Jeff Immelt is considering axing annual performance reviews. Instead, it’s experimenting with more frequent performance discussions between managers and staff. The industrial giant is also launching an app for supervisors and employees to share feedback with each other.

How to accommodate Muslim employees in the workplace

Minnesota is home to North America’s largest Somali immigrant community, most of whom are Muslims. For Minnesota employers, this means becoming familiar with Islamic practices and the ways employers often must accommodate them.

‘Tis the season to be jolly … but careful with parties, gifts, bonuses

It’s that time of year again—time to spread a little holiday cheer … and think about the potential legal consequences of doing so.

Take this job and shove it! Wide agreement on reasons

Applicants and current employees agree on the three top factors that make them say “No thanks, bye-bye” to a job.

What (or who) keeps telework from working?

Resistance from senior executives is the primary reason more employers don’t institute a regular telework plan, in which employees work remotely at least once a week.

Skipping disciplinary meeting is insubordination

An employee who refuses to attend a disciplinary meeting and is terminated as a result probably isn’t eligible for unemployment benefits. It amounts to insubordination and willful misconduct.

‘I got stuck under my bed’ and more priceless absenteeism excuses

CareerBuilder has learned that some employees take their excuses to the next level, from claims of poisoning at grandma’s hands to the urgent need to dumpster dive. Real-life bosses no doubt cringed when they heard that a subordinate missed work because he or she …

Document carefully when disciplining for injury

Sometimes, employees who carelessly injure themselves deserve discipline. That’s fine, as long as you carefully document the carelessness.