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Excavator will have to dig deep to pay for safety lapses

El Paso Underground Construction has been cited for failing to protect its employees from trench-collapse hazards.

Watchdog: No confidence OSHA can track workplace injury reports

The federal Office of the Inspector General has issued a scathing report warning that OSHA can offer “no assurance” that employers are complying with workplace injury reporting requirements.

Diabetic drivers approved for commercial interstate runs

A new rule finalized Sept. 19 for the first time allows truck drivers with diabetes to operate commercial vehicles on interstate routes as long as they can prove they carefully monitor and manage the disease.

Hotel panic buttons are sign of #MeToo’s clout

Other than a flurry of anti-harassment training, concrete action to prevent workplace harassment since the #MeToo movement took off has been notably absent—until now.

OSHA offers safety resources for post-hurricane clean-up

If you have employees cleaning up in the wake of Tropical Storm Gordon and Hurricane Florence, make sure they understand the hazards they may encounter and take steps to stay safe, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration urges.

OSHA fine upheld for out-of-service machinery

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld an Occupational Safety and Health Administration citation against an employer for leaving an unsafe piece of equipment “available for use” even though it was not technically “in use.”

No class-action status for NHL players’ injury lawsuit

A group of former National Hockey League players has lost their bid to file a class-action lawsuit against the league because each of their circumstances were too different to meet federal class-action rules.

Regular safety complaints could spell legal trouble

Be careful if a worker files a steady stream of safety complaints. If those complaints are followed by an accident or incident and the worker is disciplined for something seemingly unrelated, he may still be able to make a whistleblower complaint.

Central Valley, Calif. firms pay in wake of migrant worker deaths

The U.S. Department of Labor has secured judgments against two Fresno-area firms that violated the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act by providing unsafe transportation to migrant workers.

Fines for fatal fire at Orange County, N.Y. cosmetics maker

OSHA has issued fines in the wake of its investigation into a massive fire in November 2017 that killed an employee at Verla International’s factory in New Windsor, N.Y.