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Senate OKs revoking OSHA rule

The Senate voted to rescind a rule that gives OSHA the authority to enforce requirements for employers to maintain records on five years’ worth of workplace injuries.

Proposed law would ban cellphone use while driving in Minn.

The Minnesota state legislature is considering outlawing virtually all cellphone use behind the wheel.

Keep injury summary posted through April 30

OSHA is reminding employers of their obligation to post OSHA Form 300A, which summarizes their 2016 job-related injuries and illnesses.

Update on OSHA’s new injury and illness reporting rule

Late last year, OSHA made sweeping changes to its injury and illness reporting rule.

Engineer sues Amtrak, claiming derailment resulted from attack

The engineer of the passenger train that derailed in Philadelphia in May 2015, killing eight people, has sued Amtrak, claiming it failed to provide a safe work environment.

Work fatalities hit 8-year high; the 10 deadliest jobs

4,836 Americans were killed in workplace accidents in 2015.

OSHA fines Doylestown, Pa., psych facility for biting hazard

OSHA has fined Foundations Behavioral Health $36,701 for four violations related to employee safety at its Doylestown location.

Work fatality rate falls, even as numbers go up

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its Census of Workplace Fatal Injuries for 2015.

Court: Employer can’t be held responsible for failing to predict employee violence

So-called negligent retention doesn’t require employers to predict who may turn violent.

Put safety first when employing teenagers

You have a special responsibility to provide a safe working environment for teenage workers.