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Case of the Week: Blanket criminal history ban costs employer $2.7 million

The EEOC has long taken the position that automatically barring those with criminal records from employment may disparately impact certain protected classes and therefore amount to race or national origin discrimination under Title VII. The agency says employers should evaluate each applicant’s record and assess whether the conviction is job related and a hiring ban is for a justifiable business reason.

Using personality tests to screen applicants? Heed these warnings

Bad hiring decisions can be among an employer’s most expensive mistakes. That’s one reason many hiring managers rely on personality tests to assess the qualities and aptitudes an applicant might bring to the job. These personality tests may also be helpful to managers who want to dig deeper and understand the strengths of their team members.

What HR pros need to know about immigration and I-9s

As an HR professional, you’ve been deputized to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

Feds announce major crackdown on child labor

The U.S. Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services on Feb. 27 announced a new interagency effort to combat child labor and exploitation. One of the primary tactics they will use: strict enforcement of employer compliance with the rules for completing I-9 forms.

4 musts when posting job ads

Forty percent of people would refuse a job if they had a negative experience during the recruitment process, according to the Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report performed by Appcast. That should convince you and your HR colleagues to analyze your recruitment efforts.

I-9 update: How to recognize newly redesigned green cards

The latest I-9 document changes involve green cards, officially known as permanent resident cards. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (part of the Department of Homeland Security) began issuing new, revised green cards on Jan. 30.

Struggling to attract enough applicants? Consider adding child-care benefits to portfolio

Employers can support employees’ child-care needs in several ways.

Recruitment: Data reveals ways to combat application challenges

Are you banging your head against the wall when it comes to recruiting and think you’re alone in that? For a few minutes at least, you can bask in the silver linings as reported in an analysis of more than 255 million job ad clicks and 12 million applications performed by Appcast in its Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report.

Survey: 58% of employers plan to add jobs in first half of 2023

Despite market volatility, employers nationwide have plans to hire early this year and are scrambling to staff up, research from job placement firm Robert Half shows.

Hiring for character: Rethinking which skillsets matter most

Gone are the days when experience was the only thing that mattered. Companies have shifted their mindset to hiring for character and nurturing professional growth. Experience can be learned and taught, while character is the cumulation of your past and a prediction of your future—at the company and in life. So it is ultimately beneficial to both the candidate and the employer to consider character in the hiring process.