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What is employer branding and how does it help with hiring?

Many companies make a deliberate effort to get consumers to think of them in a certain way. However, potential future employees are interested in more than just how society views you. They want to work for a good employer. Enter the employer brand.

Ditch the résumés for assessments

Another day, another hundred résumés. Some are irrelevant to you; others may camouflage a diamond. Here are two tips to try.

Don’t use citizenship as a hiring factor

Most employers know they can’t take protected characteristics like age or disability into consideration. But some hiring managers may think it’s fine to bypass an applicant with a precarious legal immigration status in favor of a U.S. citizen based on the belief that citizens won’t lose the legal right to work. They are wrong.

Pre-employment pregnancy test? Don’t think about it

If it looks illegal and smells illegal, then it’s illegal.

What is a reasonable accommodation in hiring? A new guide explains

Requests for accommodations under the ADA can be daunting. A new paper, entitled “Employers’ Practical Guide: Reasonable Accommodation During the Hiring Process,” discusses the most frequent situations employers face when handling accommodation requests from applicants with disabilities.

Promoting or hiring? Be sure to document why your choice is best

Whenever you’re hiring or promoting from within and choosing from several candidates, someone is going to be disappointed. And that means there’s the potential for legal trouble if you don’t make sure your process was lawsuit-proof.

Hire high performers by utilizing motivation-based interviewing

“We have an epidemic problem of overrating the job candidate. The problem is your interview questions.” That was a statement from Carol Quinn, best-selling author and creator of motivation-based interviewing, in a recent webinar hosted by Business Management Daily.

Are your job posts too vague?

Employers have only 14 seconds to hook potential job applicants, according to LinkedIn. Obviously, the words you use in a job post are important, as is the job description itself. Yet vague language persists when describing goals for the position and how success is measured.

Snapshot: AI in recruiting helps, but it’s people who close the deal

A study of 1,068 employers by customer service platform Tidio revealed that artificial intelligence is handling more recruiting tasks.

Hiring pros reveal their favorite interview questions

Even if you have interviewed hundreds of candidates over 25 years, you want to update your question arsenal occasionally. Here are a few tried and true ones you may not have thought of, and some favorites from hiring experts. Add them to your list and pass them to managers and others in your company responsible for hiring.