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EEOC: Customer preference irrelevant in hiring

When the Supreme Court ruled in 2020 that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the EEOC began filing a series of lawsuits, like this one.

Women eager to get back to work, especially in STEM

The coronavirus pandemic has disproportionately harmed working women, with female unemployment running about 30% higher than the male unemployment rate. But a new survey shows women are eager to return to the workforce, particularly in STEM fields—science, technology, engineering and math.

DHS unveils new workplace immigration strategy: What does it mean for I-9s and E-Verify?

In October, the Department of Homeland Security released an internal memo that outlines a new shift in worksite enforcement strategy from the various governmental agencies that oversee I-9 and E-Verify compliance.

Facebook pays $14 million to settle hiring suit

If you thought the only federal agencies you really had to worry about were the Department of Labor, the EEOC and OSHA, think again. The U.S. Department of Justice should be on your radar, too.

Fewer ICE raids means more employer scrutiny

The Biden administration recently announced that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement would end its longstanding practice of raiding workplaces to sweep up and deport undocumented workers. On its face, that sounds like a major change in immigration policy that might take the heat off employers. It won’t.

6 recommendations to find and retain top-tier talent

In today’s tight labor market, finding and keeping talent is a business imperative. The Conference Board offers these recommendations to recruit and retain the talent organizations need to succeed, especially in an environment of remote and hybrid work.

DHS halting raids to detain undocumented workers

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will focus on identifying and removing undocumented immigrants who pose “a threat to our national security, public safety and border security.” They will also shift their focus to employers.

Ensure post-offer tests are job-related and necessary

Making a job offer is a de facto acknowledgement that you believe the applicant was qualified for the position. If you make the offer contingent on passing some sort of pre-employment test, make sure the test is job-related and consistent with business necessity. Otherwise, you are courting lawsuits that likely favor applicants who fail the test.

Job openings requiring vaccine up sharply since July

More employers are requiring applicants to prove they have been vaccinated against covid-19 before they will consider extending a job offer.

Remote inspection of I-9 docs extended through Dec. 31

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has extended covid-related rules that let employers remotely examine new employees’ work eligibility documents instead of physically reviewing them.