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Recognition & Rewards

Creative perks from this year’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list

Rather than reinvent the wheel, “borrow” some of these unique, low-cost benefits from employers on Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list, which includes several small and midsize businesses.

PwC enhances effort to hang on to top staff

To enhance its approach to compensation and development, PwC has added several programs to demonstrate the long-term value of building a career at the professional services firm formerly known as PricewaterhouseCoopers.

12 compensation trends to watch in 2012

The average pay raise will be modest this year—around 3%—compared to about 4% from 2005 to 2008, just before the economy tanked. Here are a dozen pay trends to consider as your organization weighs how to structure compensation in an age of diminished expectations.

Better performance through recognition: 8 steps

Slower economies tend to reduce employers’ incentives to say “thank you,” either with pay, perks or actions. Still, a 3% dip in the percentage of companies using recognition programs since 2008 doesn’t suggest a permanent decline, according to a survey by WorldatWork. Eight tips to create a recognition program that drives performance:

Airline’s ‘Customer Cup’ prompts friendly competition


American Airlines recognizes em­­ployees at five airports each quarter to promote friendly competition for better customer service. “Customer Cup” awards are categorized by market size, from largest to smallest stations according to flight activity.

Motivate high performance by promising rewards

Employee recognition programs aren’t quite as popular as they once were, but the 86% of businesses that use them find that rewards and in­­centives can still spur sales, improve retention and employee loyalty, and raise productivity during an era of slim pay raises and uncertain bonuses.

Sales stars get action figures–of themselves


The action figures adorning the desks of employees at Arlington, Va.-based Decision Lens aren’t of ordinary superheroes. They’re of the employees themselves. That’s one of the rewards the employees can earn for their hard work.

How will your organization celebrate the holidays this year?

Maybe the economy is rebounding! Seventy percent say they’ll have catered holiday parties in 2011!

10 tips toward a recognition program that drives performance

Almost 90% of businesses use rewards and incentives to spur sales, improve retention and employee loyalty, and raise productivity during an era of slim pay raises and uncertain bonuses. If you’re starting or updating a rewards, incentive or recognition program, consider these 10 tips.

That’s not fair! Equity requires more than fair pay


Conventional wisdom says that paying employees well goes a long way toward making them feel like they’re treated fairly. Not necessarily. Employees don’t consider pay or salary increases as the top factor in determining whether they are rewarded fairly, according to a new study.