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Recognition & Rewards

Save on tuition aid by managing colleges like vendors


Most midsize and large employers run their run tuition-assistance benefits more like entitlement programs than strategic investments. They don’t hold schools accountable …

Recruiting & Retaining: 6 Real-Life Examples of Successful Programs


Turnover among female employees at New York-based KPMG has declined by 22 percent in the past three years. One big reason: The KPMG Network of Women, or KNOW, helps female staff with professional development

7 common employee gripes (and how to silence them)


$100,000 cash prize helps improve attendance, recruiting


When Chicago-based Staff Management wanted to recruit more than 1,000 seasonal workers over the busy December holidays, it lured them by offering a $100,000 cash prize to a lucky employee who had perfect attendance …

Reserve Rewards for Top-Notch Performance


Imagine if your organization’s managers could stop paying people and start buying their results, one by one. What do you think would happen if every manager had the discretion, the ability, the skill and the gumption to start negotiating with employees as if they were outside vendors?

Should you pay employees to change unhealthy behaviors?


Cash is king when it comes to wellness incentives. Studies show that the almighty dollar is the best motivator for employee participation in wellness activities, followed closely by reductions in health insurance premiums …

Candy bars and $100 bills help recognize work ‘Stars’


Since San Joaquin Gardens, a continuing care retirement community, began handing out candy bars and $100 bills, employee turnover has dipped 6 percent …

‘Gift of time’ benefits: Nice perk, but consider safety, too


To thank employees for working 10-hour days during the busy tax season, RSM McGladrey gives them back some of their time: four hours of it, to be exact …

Offer wellness incentives? Follow new govt. rules


New IRS and Labor Department rules make it easier to offer financial incentives to employees for meeting health goals (such as health-plan premium differences between smokers and nonsmokers) …

Sample Policy: Peformance Reviews