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Pay travel expenses for new, longer commute?


Q. One of our employees normally reports to a facility. But he’s out on workers’ comp and is doing light duty in the office, which is an extra hour of commuting time. I know we don’t have to pay for his commuting time, but what about his travel expenses? —M.T., Massachusetts

8 N.J. employers named to ‘100 Best Companies’ list


Looking for ways to boost your recruiting efforts and retain the best talent? Take a cue from the eight New Jersey companies chosen for Working Mother magazine’s list of the "100 Best Companies" for women to work …

Maximize commuter perks: Save workers money, stress


Soaring gas prices earlier this year led many employees to seriously consider bailing out of their long commutes and find jobs closer to home. While gas prices have moderated (at least for now), many employees still face long, expensive, time-wasting trips to work. To ease employees’ pain, employers are increasingly turning to creative commuter benefits …

To attract younger talent, help repay student loans


If your organization is eager to lure younger talent, the average 2006 college graduate owes $20,000 in student loans. That’s why a growing number of organizations are turning student debt into a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining recent grads …

Workers’ Mental Well-Being Tops N.C. Firm’s Work/Life List


Happy employees translate into low absenteeism and low turnover, says Lisa Conklin, public relations manager for Replacements, the Greensboro, N.C., china replacement warehouse …

Hiring relatives creates friendly culture at Ohio firm


Nepotism doesn’t raise eyebrows at medical-billing service provider MBI Solutions. More than a dozen MBI employees have family members on the staff. The Kettering, Ohio-based company actively recruits employees’ relatives to create a family-friendly atmosphere and improve retention …

Paying staff for volunteer work = lower absenteeism


Want employees to take less sick leave? Consider letting them volunteer on company time …

Boring Benefits? Perk ‘Em Up With 10 Real-Life Solutions


When you rattle off your employee benefit offerings to prospective employees, what raises their eyebrows? It’s probably not the basics: People have come to expect health/life/dental, 401(k), etc. What really catches a prospect’s attention are the creative perks that prove your organization has their interests in mind …

Florida among top states in job growth, low unemployment


If you’re having trouble recruiting and retaining employees, the reason may be Florida’s robust economy …

Two Georgia employers named to ‘100 Best Companies’ list


Looking for a good recruiting tool? Take a cue from two Georgia companies chosen by Working Mother magazine as family-friendly places to work …