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Steer Clear of ‘Take It or Leave It’ Early-Retirement Offers


If you plan to lay off employees, structure early-retirement offers carefully to avoid age-discrimination lawsuits. In particular, avoid making "take-it or leave-it" offers that force employees to choose between resigning with a severance package or being terminated …

12 Real-Life Employee Appreciation Strategies That Work


March 10 is Employee Appreciation Day, but you can show your gratitude throughout the year. Studies show that employees who feel valued are more likely to stay … Choose your favorite ideas from among these real-life suggestions …

Use ‘Mini-Med’ Benefits to Cut Costs, Help Retain Staff


Soaring health costs are forcing many small firms to shift more cost burden to employees or drop coverage. But be aware that many companies are taking a third option: offering a limited medical health insurance plan (or "mini med") that provides bare-bones health coverage …

Pay closer attention to rising employee insecurity


Almost a quarter (23.8 percent) of the people answering a new Right Management Consultants survey say they think it’s very possible or somewhat possible that they could lose their jobs in the next 12 months …

Teach managers to support staff during crunch time


Overworked and underappreciated: That’s a recipe for brisk employee turnover. By teaching supervisors how to support employees during periodic peak times, you’ll improve retention. Have managers use these four simple steps to reach out to stressed-out workers …

High gas prices offer retention opportunity

With gas prices jumping over $3 a gallon, employees with long commutes may be thinking about working closer to home. Ease their pain by: 1) Talking with the top brass about …

Beyond orientations: 4 steps to help you retain new staff

Issue: Many employers run new hires through an orientation process, then instantly start treating them like every other employee.
Risk: Some of these new hires won’t assimilate so quickly. Without …

Stay on guard against top 10 ‘bad boss’ behaviors

Bad managers are the main reason many employees quit. An online survey at KeepEm.com details which bad-boss behaviors would make them quit. The top 10 worst offenses, in order: belittles people …

Perk up dull HR memos by spelling out personal benefit

Believe it or not, your ho-hum HR memos, if written in the right way, can serve as a retention vehicle, says Margaret Morford, president of consulting firm theHRedge. One employer customized …

8 real-life strategies for keeping employees on board

Issue: As the economy heats up, employees, yes, even yours, are wandering through the want ads and surfing job boards.
Risk: Being caught without an up-to-date retention strategy can disrupt …