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Productivity / Performance

Sobering statistic: The hidden business cost of hangovers

Binge drinking and the resulting hangovers cost U.S. employers $77 million in lost productivity at work, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The employee, not the job, is what makes telecommuting work

What should the rules of telecommuting be—and who is it really working for?

Should you swap performance reviews for a feedback app?

Some companies, including General Electric, have begun replacing traditional performance reviews with web- and mobile-based apps that let employees provide real-time, 360-degree feedback of one another.

Mentorship: Take the time to pay it forward

Tania Basheer of Blue Sky Coaching recommends a number of actions you can take to help a new employee grow in his or her career.

Rise and shine with standing desks

The jury’s still out on standing workstations. If you’re leaning in that direction, here are the benefits you may be overlooking.

Don’t confuse coaching with feedback

Renée Robertson, founder and CEO of Trilogy Development, explains the subtle difference.

Older workers ‘coasting’?

Here’s how to handle those employees who think they’ve earned the right to ease into retirement.

How to write performance goals: 10 sample phrases

Well-written performance goals help energize employees and point them in right direction. But some managers and HR pros have trouble finding the right words. Here are 10 phrases to adapt, from 2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals by Paul Falcone.

Back to school: 4 teacher tactics to use with your staff


Teachers are some of the first “managers” that people ever encounter. Teachers organize each day to get maximum results from their charges, and they must deal with a wide variety of skills levels, motivation levels and communication challenges along the way. Here are four ideas worth borrowing from teachers to bring to the workplace.

How employers respond to the big productivity killers

Technology keeps finding ways to distract, making employers find ways to get people back on task. Here’s a snapshot of those distractions and the workarounds some are attempting.