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Are your HR ‘customers’ satisfied? Surveys can tell


One way for HR departments to improve their performance—and their reputation among execs—is to treat employees like customers seeking good service. So how can you tell if those “customers” are happy? Do as you would with any customer—conduct a survey.

Is your cube becoming a cage? 6 tips to put the ‘human’ back in HR

Getting out on the shop floor or into the breakroom could counter employee attitudes that link HR only with bad news and being disconnected from employees. Here are six tips to help raise HR’s visibility.

Can we stop employees from talking politics?

Q. With the election approaching, it seems like our office is as politically divided as the country. Can we ban all political talk?

Do your employees trust their co-workers?

U.S. workers may not trust their boss, but they do trust their colleagues. More than a third of workers (34%) say they “very much” trust their work colleagues and another 38% say they “moderately” do, according to a survey by consultant Lee Hecht Harrison.

Company’s survey succeeded because of employee trust


After a major merger, Sims Metal Management in Princeton, N.J., polled employees to learn how engaged they were in their work, and got an overwhelming response. More than 90% of the employees responded to the organization’s first-ever employee engagement survey.

Stop the stragglers: 7 ways to start meetings on time


Years ago, Jon was part of a three-member team with an important daily 10 a.m. meeting. The other two members were routinely late. “I had a decision to make,” he says. “What if I set the expectations for this team meeting going forward? What if I started the meeting on time—all by myself?” That’s exactly what he did.

Slackers need not apply to New Jersey training company

The owners of interactive training company Red Nucleus make it a point to hire only what they call “passionate” employees. In fact, its website uses bold language to warn off would-be applicants who “go into work every day, go through the motions and go home.”

Customizing feedback: The 9 different personality types


Ever notice how you can say the same exact thing to two different people, and they each take the comment completely differently? The best managers know how to give feedback to different employees. Here are nine personality types and how to handle them:

7 ways to limit your social media liability


Online social networking sites provide a variety of benefits to organizations. They can help you collect industry-based knowledge, reach new customers, build your brand and publicize your company’s name and reputation. But those benefits come with their fair share of legal risks. You need a comprehensive social media policy to guide employees on your expectations about their online behavior.

Make up training deficits with mentoring

A recent HR Specialist online poll found that 42% of training budgets that were slashed in the recession haven’t yet rebounded. Mentoring can help close the training gap, and improve recruitment, retention and career development—and the bottom line.