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Benchmarking your cuts: How low can you go?


As the impact of the global financial crisis seeps into the roots of the American economy, employers and HR are being forced to make tough decisions. So far, one-fifth of U.S. employers have instituted layoffs, and another 26% expect to shed jobs in the next 12 months …

Dishing out bad news? 6 tips for your emotional survival


Announcing layoffs and cuts in pay and benefits can exact a personal toll on you, too. Here are six tips from psychologists and HR experts to help you cope with the stress that results from telling employees things that cause them anguish.

How to coach ‘problem’ employees: A 4-step plan for managers

When faced with a poor-performing or disruptive employee, it’s easy for supervisors to play the wait-and-see game and simply hope the situation will improve. But problems rarely solve themselves. And that’s especially true with problem employees. The best method? Meet with employees right when you spot problem behavior or performance—don’t wait.

State considers lawsuit over Lehman pension losses


New Jersey investment director William Clark said the state pension board is considering a lawsuit against Lehman Brothers. The state bought approximately $180 million of Lehman stock in June, only to sell it at a loss of about $100 million …

Holidays on a shoestring: Real-life tips on celebrating in style without breaking the bank


Are you downsizing your holiday party this year? A Watson Wyatt survey says 37% of firms are scaling back end-of-year festivities—or canceling them altogether! Here’s how some businesses are coping, according to our sister e-newsletter The Admin Pro Forum. PLUS! News about a holiday party legal problem you might never suspect.

The HR I.Q. Test: December ’08


Test your knowledge of recent trends in employment law, comp & benefits and other HR issues with our monthly mini-quiz …

Economic woes force changes in staffing, salaries, benefits


As the impact of the global economic crisis takes hold, one-fifth of U.S. employers have instituted layoffs and another 26% expect to shed jobs in the next 12 months, according to a survey by global consulting firm Watson Wyatt.

HR cost-cutting moves: Your benchmarks for surviving the meltdown


As the impact of the global economic crisis takes hold, a quarter of U.S. employers expect to make layoffs in the next 12 months. Find out how employers nationwide are hunkering down—and the HR lessons you can apply to your organization. Your goal: Do what needs to be done … without killing productivity.

Memo to Managers: 6 ways to lead your team to peak productivity


In tough economic times, organizations must focus on getting the highest possible return on their workforce investment. Here are six ways managers can help employees maximize their productivity. Guess what: These are also among the best ways to improve retention. Feel free to share these tips with managers throughout your organization.

Illini faculty, staff rally for political rights


In October, the University of Illinois released a statement informing students and faculty that a state ethics law bars state workers from political activities on campus. Students and faculty protested, claiming the university was trampling on their First Amendment rights.