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If the check’s in the mail, withhold and report

Mail delivery being what it is these days, you can’t really be sure whether retirees or terminated employees receive their pension distribution checks. That doesn’t matter, according to the IRS.

DOL sets 2020 penalties

The Department of Labor has announced the 2020 inflation adjustments to penalties for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act and ERISA.

Payroll FYI: Legal memoranda from the IRS

The IRS is a prodigious publisher. Here are digests of three recently released legal memoranda.

Fix it fast: Accounting for repaid wages & taxes

If you front load employees’ vacation leave at the beginning of a year, and they take some time off but terminate their employment before they’ve earned the equivalent of their annual leave, you’ve technically advanced employees wages and now you’re owed a debt.

Dentist pays the price for brushing off the IRS

Dentists and the IRS have a lot in common. Both can use painful tools to compel compliance. But in a recent contest between the IRS and a dental practice, it was the dentist who got the drill and the IRS came out on top.

Proposed W-4/withholding regs mention accuracy 15 times, simplicity 0 times

Thr IRS has again dug in its heels in proposed regulations covering the new and improved W-4 and the withholding process.

2020 standard mileage rate decreases a half cent per mile

Formerly 58¢ per mile, the rate is now 57.5¢ per mile for 2020.

March 2020: Employer’s business tax calendar

Here’s your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.

Half want something other than biweekly pay

While 50% of workers prefer to be paid biweekly, 26% say they’d rather be paid weekly, 10% monthly and 10% semimonthly, according to a Paychex survey.

Joint employer? 3 scenarios to help you decide

The new Department of Labor joint-employer rule that takes effect March 16 will make it less likely that more than one employer will be held liable for the same federal wage-and-hour violation. Here are three scenarios that illustrate how the rule will apply.