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In the Payroll Mailbag: April ’20

What are disposable earnings for garnishment purposes? … Can a widower change his pretax cafeteria plan deductions?

Tax-exempt orgs due refunds on cost of employees’ parking

The Further Consolidated Appropriations Act repeals the UBIT levied on tax-exempt employers for the cost of employees’ parking, retroactive to the enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. So you may be due a refund for 2017 and 2018.

No vacation pay payout for employee who was fired

Can your vacation pay policy deny employees their accrued vacation pay if they are fired or quit without giving notice? Yes, according to a Colorado appeals court, which ruled that an employer’s policy of not paying accrued vacation pay to an employee who was fired was valid.

IRS previews changes to withholding in proposed regs

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may have suspended the personal exemption amount, and with that, withholding allowances, but to avoid confusion and nomenclature problems, a singular withholding allowance still exists, according to proposed regulations.

IRS spells out paid sick, family leave documentation requirements

New guidance from the IRS states that employees must submit written requests to document their need for paid sick leave and paid family leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

5 management strategies to cut UI expenses

The coronavirus, which rampaged through the economy like wildfire, has everyone focused on unemployment benefits. To secure the lowest contribution rate possible, you’re going to need to keep extraneous benefits charges off your state unemployment account. There are five strategies every manager can implement right now.

Senate passes CARES Act; on to the House, then to the President

As passed by the Senate, the CARES Act contains the following provisions.

House passes coronavirus rescue bill

Using expedited procedures, the House of Representatives passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (H.R. 6201) early March 14. The Senate is expected to pass a similar measure within days, and President Trump has said he will sign it into law.

401(k) docs posted on internet isn’t enough for employees to gain actual knowledge

According to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled last week that a 401(k) plan participant didn’t gain actual knowledge of an alleged ERISA breach based on disclosures he received but didn’t read or couldn’t recall reading.

April 2020: Employer’s business tax calendar

Here’s your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.